So, What Now?

Blogging Goals

Have you ever had an ultimate goal set in your mind that you work towards for years and actually achieve it? With all of the blogging goals I have given myself over the years there was one that towered above all of the others, which was to reach my target amount of views. In the months leading up to it I worked particularly hard, incorporating every single technique at my disposal to reach that seemingly elusive number. The day I finally reached it was fabulous – I celebrated by taking the day off and spoiling myself…

…and then promptly lost all motivation.

Admittedly, I needed the break after pushing myself so hard, but weeks later I still struggled to not only create content, but to continue with the effective promotion that I had been doing in previous months. Consequently, my stats took a nosedive, I was completely out of the loop with all of my favourite blogs and I was kicking myself at my lack of effort.

However, my motivation was kick-started recently when I spent the weekend with some of my favourite blogger friends on a Writers Retreat (more on that in a later post). As I am the only one of us that is not a published author, the rest of the group were primarily focusing on their latest books, but the fact that they maintain their own successful blogs meant that I was able to get some creative ideas and useful advice on the next step in my blogging journey.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling inspired for the first time in a while, so I had a day to myself and took advantage of it to create a plan and prepare for the start of May, and ended up having an absolute blast. I’ve got so many ideas for this weekend, I have a new found excitement for the potential of this month in particular, and I have a whole new set of goals.

It’s amazing how the input from inspiring people who can change something in an entirely new and positive direction!

Stay tuned!

53 thoughts on “So, What Now?

  1. That’s fabulous to hear, Suzie! I find that when I spend time on my own my motivation starts to wane, but the second I’ve joined the land of the living, even just for a few hours, I feel inspired. Xx glad you all had a good weekend x

  2. I went through this almost exact thing and even wrote about it over my last couple of posts. It’s been difficult to get back into the game.

  3. After all of your focus and determination, it’s not a bad idea to take the pedal off the metal and let things coat for a bit while you plan the next direction!

  4. That is terrific, Suzie. Blogging can be a lonely vocation, and connecting with others is a creativity booster. I am looking forward to a conference in June where I will see some writing friends and share ideas. I look forward to your upcoming enthusiastic posts!

  5. So interesting Suzie, sometimes its great to have like-minded people to support and motivate you isnt it? You can’t always do it yourself as there are always peaks and troughs. Glad you’re back on track.

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