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Unfold and Begin

I’ve featured Jennifer from Unfold and Begin as I’ve followed and enjoyed her blog for a long time, but since the beginning of this year I’ve had the opportunity to work with her to build her social media, and this has given me a further insight into lots more of her posts…

I love interesting About pages, and Jennifer’s is entertaining and explains exactly what her blog is about.

My name is Jennifer Koshak and I’m on the tail end of the baby boomers. You should know that I’m willing to enjoy chocolate, practice some yoga, have some fun and explore new places and new things in my next 50 years.

Random Facts

  • I met my husband on eHarmony. Yes, it really works.
  • I started my first blog in 2009 and wrote a couple of posts. Then freaked that people might actually read it and I deleted the whole thing. (I’m trying to move past that fear of sharing myself!)
  • My favorite color is yellow, but it looks awful on me, so I painted my living room a sunset yellow instead.
  • I’m allergic to cats, which means I only had two and I miss them.
  • My husband is a chef and a chocolatier. This can be both dangerous and so delicious!
  • I became a Yoga Teacher in my 40’s and taught for 10 years. I feel that laughter is a necessity in life and especially in a yoga class. I used to quote Mel Brooks movies while teaching—-the concept of Be Here Now can totally be found in Spaceballs!
  • I chose the title Unfold and Begin as a way to remind us all that we need to open up and share ourselves, try new things and embrace life. I write mostly about creativity, trying new things, goal setting and vision boards. But don’t hold me to these themes! I’ve been known go wild and share what’s going on in my life and things that interest me. (What interests me? Books, food, travel, my family. Did I say books? How about travel?)

You’re in the right place if you want some inspiration, some encouragement, and some straight talk. (Can’t help it, that was my management style, ask any former employee or Supervisor who reported to me.) Makes you wonder how a straight talking Tech Manager became a Mel Brooks quoting yoga teacher. Makes me wonder too!

My Favourite Posts

Jennifer doesn’t stick with a particular theme, which are my favourite types of blogs to read. Here are just some of my favourites:

A Guide to the Four Stages of Creativity. Jen writes some really insightful things about developing our creative selves, but this was particularly useful and something that I’d never heard of before…

What to Do If You Want to Be a Writer: Interesting and useful quotes from writers that offer some thoughts and ideas when writing. This post in particular has gone crazy on Jen’s Pinterest.

Six Ted Talks That Will Help You Conquer Fear: I love Ted Talks, and those featured are fabulous!

What She Did After a Layoff: Jen hosts a series of interviews with fellow bloggers and shares their stories. This is one of my favourites…

Want to know more?

You can find Jennifer on her blog here, on Twitter here and on her rapidly growing Pinterest page here. It’s will be absolutely worth your time!

25 thoughts on “Blog of the Day: Unfold and Begin

  1. Thanks for the nice intro! Funny you mentioned my About page because I was just wondering if I should change it. I guess I’ll leave it alone for now!

  2. Cor! A Chef and a Chocolatier at that! I can see how that would be dangerous! I love your reasoning behind how you named the blog Jennifer 🙂

    Fab post!

  3. So cool! I haven’t seen more than a couple of pages of Unfold and Brgin so I’m going to have to go and do some reading!

  4. Jennifer is a lovely soul. I’m not at all surprised to learn she’s a favorite of yours, too!
    What drew me to Jennifer’s Blog was her mustache picture! And now, learning she was a tech manager the mustache has extra meaning. I work adjacent to tech (that’s how I describe it anyway) and the predominance of men in the field makes a strong and thoughtful woman a gem in the industry. Knowing how versatile she is, and how varied her life experiences are it just makes sense that her blog is a coherent place to find inspiration and insight.

  5. Hey Suzie and Jen! Love your attitude. Now I know where you got your blog title- Yoga! It’s a great practice and you taught classes. How cool are you!

  6. Nice choice Suzie. Jennifer always cracks me up and why didn’t you big up BUYB at the same time because…. it’s all your fault I met her 😂😂

    Seriously nice to find out more about people behind the blogs too. Always love posts like this!

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