Hello, Sunshine!

What a glorious weekend we’ve just had here in the UK! After one of the most depressing and seemingly longest winter in my own living memory, we were blessed with several days of sunshine that coincided perfectly with Bank Holiday – the hottest early May Bank Holiday on record.

The Bloke and I took full advantage of it. Saturday was spent in the city, walking around, doing a bit of shopping, enjoying lunch and general people watching. Sunday was an enormous car boot sale, where we managed to clear a massive amount of clutter and enjoyed meeting lots of new people. Yesterday, The Bloke suddenly developed a rare attack of hayfever, so my friend and I got some food and a blanket together and went for a picnic in the local park. It was lovely – I haven’t had a picnic in several years so it was nice to catch up, eat nice food and walk through the woods afterwards. My laundry was done, I got some much needed exercise, I spent some valuable time outdoors and got out of the rut I often find myself in when working from home.

Surprisingly, I managed to actually make it through three sunny days without burning a single part of my body. In my younger years I was incredibly reckless, often scorching myself so badly that my skin has been left red raw and blistered, but I took extra care with the Factor 50 each day and as a result have only gained a slight glow on my nose and cheeks.

It seemed like the public had a fabulous time too. The fair on our local park was packed with young families, people were having barbeques… everyone is always in a much more pleasant mood whenever the temperature lifts.

It looks like it may continue over the next few days too, it’s Eurovision this weekend and it’s only just over a week until the 4th Annual Bloggers Bash, which I’m ridiculously excited about!


What about you guys? What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. Glad you had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. It was so great to be able to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I was most excited about getting my washing on the line haha – I’m soooo old!! Both my sons were working so I kept my daughter company in the garden while she revised for her upcoming GCSEs. It was lovely to just read, write, and support her when needed. I also got my three kids together (briefly) and we toasted marshmallows on the chimenea when it got dark. For five blissful minutes it was like when they were little and then BANG! they shot off to meet girlfriends and go to parties. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Suzie we had a great weekend too, mostly at home because we knew that the roads to the coast would be rammed packed. Luckily we only have a few minutes walk and we are in woods and fields. I should not moan but in the last year there have been so many houses built around us. I am talking on the four figure amount, most of them high end as well. We are actually watching the green land disappear before our eyes! Sorry I digress, we had friends in Saturday, family Sunday and yesterday we did nothing and sat in our garden. I am glad you and the bloke had a good time, it’s a shame about his heyfever but at least you got out. Do you know I not been on a picnic for over a year!
    Like you I am so excited about the ABB I love it’s the highlight of my year.. the hubby asked me where do the holidays he plans for us rate if the Bash is the highlight. Not being ungrateful I have to admit the holidays are brilliant but I do love the Bash and I have got braver with each one. So I look forward to seeing you very soon. Sending hugs πŸ’œπŸ’–

    • I’m totally with you – The Bash is the highest point of my year, everything stops for that weekend haha! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all of those new builds – that must be so disheartening!

      • Well we have lived here forty two years and it was a quiet market town a little too quiet for me at first! But now it’s grown and this last year they have been building over 8000 houses and apartments! I must not moan but they are supposed to build a persentage of ‘social housing’ I have seen very little evidence of those. …hey ho, sorry! Hooray for the Bash this will be my third , four if you count the lovely one in Birmingham you and the bloke came πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. It really was glorious!
    We spent a large chunk of time in the garden, and I made full use of it, by finishing my reread of the WIP!!! Hubby spent ages planting the hanging baskets etc… But I was busy working on the WIP, too busy to help!
    The kids splashed around in the sprinkler to keep cool!

  4. We had a partly cloudy weekend but I got in my very cold pool and swam, went to a baseball game and attended a christening. So sort of fun – your picnic sounds like just the thing. Sorry to be missing the Bash this year!

  5. I forgot all about the local fair at the park, spent the day at home in the garden with the girls and the parents. Told the wife we were going nowhere near a motorway on Monday!

  6. I went to Canvey Island. It was rammed. The last time I went there was 24 years ago and I remembered why I hadn’t returned.

    But it was nice to be outside!

  7. That looks like a great weekend – my wife and I went on a long hike that stops with a view of the pacific ocean, and all of the west side of Los Angeles and Malibu…will be posting that soon – nothing beats great weather!

  8. been to several countrys there n ok n ya a little cloudy but when u are only there for 10 days it is not long

  9. What a lovely weekend you had! Wasn’t the weather amazing? We’re still on the Isle of Wight for a few more weeks until we return to our boat in Greece. My daughter came over to visit, it was her birthday, we took her to some lovely places, ate lots of food, mostly sitting outside in the sunshine. We had a beach walk, too.

  10. I have mostly been in the garden, first getting the seeds in the ground, finally, then reading or working on the WIP. The last was tricky, as the shade wasn’t always in the right place to allow me to see the laptop screen.

  11. We had a lovely weekend here in Maine. My husband mowed the lawn for the first time, something I couldn’t imagine him doing just a month ago when we still had snow on the ground. We traveled to a midcoast town which is a relatively short drive for us and had dinner in a quaint restaurant on the Main Street. Then we walked on the waterfront admiring the ocean bay, and scenery. After our walk we sat on benches eating ice cream from a take out window. Bliss! Glad you had nice weather, too, Suzie.

  12. I completely understand about getting into a rut when working from home. Especially after a long cold winter and a miserably cold and rainy spring. We did yard work this weekend, seeing as how the winter brought down the branches and the rainy spring made a whole lotta grass grow. And then afterward grilled our dinner that night.

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