Blog of the Day and a Blog Party: Hélene Fermont

Meet Hélene! She’s hosting a blog party today. A blogger and author of three books, with a fourth due out later this year, Hélene is one of my new found discoveries. She explains more in her ‘About’ page.

My name is Hélene and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Born into an Anglo-Swedish family, I was brought up bilingual – I write in English – and my writing is inspired by Nordic or Scandinavian literature with strong characterisation and morally complex elements.

My novels are reflective of my professional and personal experiences but are completely fictitious. I blend the above elements with my own unique style of contemporary women’s fiction with a psychological twist. At all times I write from the heart and work hard to ensure my novels are genuine, emotive and relatable.

Accompanied by her lovely cat, Teddy, Hélene’s blog focuses on writing, her travels and the cultural differences between her home town of Malmo and London, where she resides for a large part of the year. From the creation and importance of her of characters, her writing style and routines, she offers an insight on the life of an author, which I have found particularly useful. She has also been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Her first book – Because of You – is currently on offer for just £1.99 for a limited time only, and she is hosting a blog party over on her blog today. It’s open to bloggers of any theme, and is a brilliant opportunity to meet lots of new people and share one of your posts to a potentially new audience!

Because of You

How desperate are you to get the love of your life?

Hannah is the love of Ben’s life, yet Vanessa will stop at nothing to claim the man she is convinced is her destiny.

Because of You spans 36 years in the life of Hannah Stein, a Swedish teenager who arrives in London, at the tail end of the disco era, for a gap year before embarking on a teaching career. The people she meets change the course of her life irrevocably and the novel charts her changing personal and professional fortunes over the next three decades. Because of You is about love, coming of age, friendship and bereavement. Because of You is a story that every woman can relate to.

Because of You is the deeply moving debut novel by Scandinavian writer Helene Fermont. It’s a gripping work of modern women’s fiction with a distinct ‘Scandi’ feel and a psychological twist.

Scandinavian Noir has firmly established itself as a bestselling genre in the UK. Because of You takes the elements that make this style of writing so compelling – the realism and dark, morally complex mood – and combines it with women’s fiction.

This is a dark, morally complex and cross-generational story of enduring love, fate and destiny and will appeal to readers who appreciate an emotive, uncompromising and fulfilling read driven by character and circumstance.

Want to participate in her blog party? Hop on over to Helene’s blog, leave a link and say hello!