Make-Up, Marco and Music

Last weekend we experienced more glorious weather and I was able to indulge of three of my favourite things: make-up shopping, lunch with The Bloke at a restaurant and Eurovision.


My friend is getting married at the end of July and she asked me if I would accompany her while she tried out some ideas during a makeover she had scheduled at Dior.

Ooh, go on then!

It was nice to watch the make-up artist try out some ideas, particularly as her finished look was not something that my friend would usually wear, and I ended up having a lovely chat with numerous people about make-up looks, our favourite vloggers and blogging. To be fair, it’s inevitable that a conversation in my world ends up with a discussion about blogging – it’s something that my friends have grown used to over the years.

I then met The Bloke for lunch at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant at the top of the Cube in the Mailbox. It was the first time we had visited and I had heard and read mixed reviews, so I was interested to see what was available on the lunchtime menu.

The mixed reviews were accurate. The view was fabulous, the ambience lovely and we were seated right next to the window. The Mojito was nice, although certainly pricey at £13.50 (I always order a mojito during my first visit to a restaurant) and I treated myself to the burger and fries and a dark chocolate mousse for dessert. Unfortunately, while the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, it wasn’t the greatest experience I’ve ever had. With the name associated with the venue, I had an expectation of the quality of the food, but my burger was no more special than any other I’ve had at the numerous restaurants in the city, aside from the fact that it cost about £10 more, and The Bloke wasn’t particularly impressed with the steak and ale pie he had either. The chocolate mousse, however, was one of the nicest I’ve ever had. The staff were fairly absent, many of them preferring to congregate in the corner and have a chat for most of the time we were there. We waited quite a substantial amount of time for our desserts and our waitress made it quite clear that she was irritated when I asked where they were. This annoyed me – I’ve worked in numerous jobs where I’ve had to deal with the public and I make a point of being polite and courteous as I know how disheartening it is when a customer is rude, so there was no need for it.

Would I go again? Certainly not for lunch, but I like the idea of a cocktail and dessert as a treat while overlooking the city during a day off in the future.

In the evening was the second highlight of my yearly calendar: Eurovision. I had seen very little about our entry this year, but The Bloke and I watched the semi-finals last week so we had a basic knowledge of most of the other songs. We have developed a tradition over the years – we create a mini-buffet for the two of us, watch the contest, The Bloke falls asleep at some point, snores through the rest of the voting and then I wake him up at the end to tell him who won and we go to bed. It’s something that I look forward to – it’s kitsch, eccentric and every so often I am surprised by one or two songs that I fall in love with and listen to repeatedly. I particularly loved the Albanian entry (I always appreciate a strong rock voice) and the Austrian song, which apparently the UK had turned down (although his choice of outfit was a little odd).

Unfortunately, the UK representative, SuRie, was interrupted in the middle of her performance by a man who ran onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and started shouting. It must have been an incredibly scary situation for her, but within a matter of seconds she carried on and did an incredible performance. She was offered the opportunity to perform again at the end but chose not to, and we all respected her decision for doing so – she had nothing left to prove. Of course, we didn’t receive much in the way of votes, but she should be incredibly proud of herself…

The fun doesn’t stop there – it’s the Annual Bloggers Bash this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!

What about you guys? What did you do over the weekend?

10 thoughts on “Make-Up, Marco and Music

  1. make up =many use too much . music should rhythm less use sound alikes more repeat less n tell more of a story teaching good advice

  2. I love that you test out restaurant’s mojitos as a first test drink! I used to do that in London as it is a really good way to see if they can make a decent cocktail or just use an oversweet mixer. BUT (I should probably insert a crying emoji here…) I have not found a single good mojito here in Vancouver. 😦

    £13.50 doesn’t sound too bad if you get used to London prices…

    Anyway, I hope you have an amazing time at the bloggers bash. Have a mojito for me! 😉

  3. I wasn’t a million miles away from you Suzie, with afternoon tea at Hotel du Vin. Shame you didn’t have the best experience at MPW, I’ve always had a pretty good meal and service but sometimes it just doesn’t hit the spot. Like you, it was then home for Eurovision for a party for two 😀

    See you on Saturday!

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