Wednesday Wander – Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza, New York

I love New York and here’s a brilliant way to spend some of your time there! Hop on over to Journey to Ambeth and say hello!

Journey To Ambeth

It’s Wednesday, and time for another wander. I’m continuing with our recent trip to New York – apologies for the number of posts but there was just so much to see, as we crammed in as much as we could in the few days we had! This week, I’m wandering to Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza.

I have to admit that Times Square isn’t really my kind of place. A bit too frantic, a bit too touristy. But, at the same time, there is a kind of intensity to the neon insanity and towering structures, and I do believe that it’s somewhere you need to see when you visit New York, even if you just wander through.

Times Square is located at the intersection of 42nd and 7th, and was originally called Long Acre Square, after the original in London. Originally the location for William H. Vanderbilt’s…

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza, New York

  1. I’ve driven through New York City but never visited it on foot like you did. But I have been to a much larger city, Shanghai China.

    New York City has a population of 8.538 million.

    Shanghai, China has a population of 24.15 million and the closest area to Times Square is the Bund’s Nanjing Road that is for pedestrians only. The only cars and trucks are crossing that road on other roads.

    I’ve been there when it was so crowded, there was no open space like you’ll see in this video taken six years ago. It was so crowded in 2008 the last time I was there, you couldn’t take a full step — just slide your feet a few inches at a time. It was like a river with people replacing the water.

  2. I’ve been to NYC many times and never liked it. Once, when the plane was circling to land, the entire plane tilted to the side suddenly. I had full view of rooftops. Did you know that from the air NYC looks like a graveyard full of tombstones? 🙂

    The funny thing about the state of NY is that it’s bi-polar. Upstate NY is the kinder-gentler side while NYC is the manic-full throttle side of the state. The mountain areas are beautiful, especially in the fall.

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