5 Reasons I Chose To Close My Facebook Group

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This week, after growing and building my Facebook group for 3 years, I made the difficult decision to archive it. Though I alluded to my members, in my last post, that time management was the sole reason for closing the group down, it is only partially true. Yes, my business is growing and I have to be smart about how I spend my time but honestly, time would not have been an issue if it weren’t for the following reasons.

After 3 years, I chose to close my Facebook group. Here are my 5 reasons. It may be time for you to say good-bye to yours too. #blogging #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing

5 Reasons I Chose To Close My Facebook Group

  1. I’ve lost that loving feeling. Unfortunately, checking in and monitoring the group began to be a chore. I no longer enjoyed interacting with my members and found myself being curt or disrespectful to genuine inquiries. That isn’t fair to them and I’m sorry if you ever felt snubbed or stupid for asking questions in my group. I love blogging. Whether you…

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