London, Airbnb and Wicked

It’s been a surprisingly beautiful day and The Bloke and I have just been on a train to London. We were really lucky with the seats, it was quiet and we had a really nice chat with a Ugandan-Canadian girl who is studying at uni here. It’s always interesting to meet new people – she told us about her education in Uganda and her plans to go into robotics, used words like ‘hella’ and ‘legit’ and told me I had a baby face. 

Bonus points for her then…

I always get excitable whenever we pull into Euston. It reminds me of the feeling I used to get as a child whenever we visited Blackpool Illuminations. There would be a competition in the car to see who could spot the tower first, with the winner being awarded 20p. It was a win/win situation – my mum would feel guilty that only one would get the 20p, so we would all be given one to make it even… 

As always, I digress.

The Bloke and I are lucky enough to visit London a few times a year, but there’s several firsts during this visit. We’re watching Wicked on the West End, visiting Harry Potter World and we’re staying in an Airbnb, all for the first time. I don’t know why we haven’t done the Airbnb thing sooner, especially with the prices of hotels increasing so much over the last few years, and we’ve found a kick ass superking apartment near Canary Wharf for half the cost of what the hotel we usually stay in now charges. I suppose we’re the sort of people who stick with what we know sometimes – I get nervous in situations where I’m unsure of what to expect. 

And we’ve just been to see Wicked, which was… Wicked!

More on that tomorrow! 

21 thoughts on “London, Airbnb and Wicked

  1. We always try and go apartment in London, especially when it’s with the kids . convenience, cost and comfort!!!
    Look forward to hearing about your experiences!!

  2. I’ve seen Wicked three times!! It’s my favourite musical (but very hard for me not to sing along – loudly!!) Glad you had a great time (and a quiet train journey YAY!). Say hello to Harry from me 😉 x

  3. What a great day/night out. Always brilliant to have a day in London occasionally. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Wicked and the Airbnb.

  4. I meant to visit Canary Wharf the last time I was in London, but ran out of time. Airbnb is a great idea, have to remember that for the next trip 🙂

    • I’ve been wanting to try one for a while but never mentioned it to The Bloke as he’s quite particular about things like that. It was only mentioned some places he had seen on there in general convo that I thought I would go for it and see what happened. We probably couldn’t have afforded to stay in our usual hotel for the same period of time as the prices had gone up so much…

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