I love Friday night, particularly at this time of year. When we both worked in schools, The Bloke and I would desperately look forward to it – we would get in after struggling through an often crappy week, order a takeaway, get the blankets out, put the heating on and would spend of the evening snuggled up with the cats while watching a film, desperately happy that we wouldn’t have to get up and go to work the next day. Even though we’re now both in a different situation with regards to where and how we work, we’ve carried on with the weekly routine – we still curl up on the couch under a blanket and watch a film, although the cat now prefers to sleep on his own blanket on the armchair since his feline sister passed away last year. 

I enjoy the spontaneity of the things we do and places we visit, but I also love the little traditions and routines that we have created throughout the years together. 

On Christmas Eve, we watch A Muppets Christmas Carol (or rather, I watch A Muppets Christmas Carol while The Bloke watches the first ten minutes and falls asleep during the rest), we eat party food and I try and convince The Bloke to open one of his presents from under the tree early because I JUST CAN’T TAKE THE EXCITEMENT ANYMORE, which he always ignores… 

During the Eurovision Song Contest, we watch the semi-finals during the week and then on the night of the final we get lots of antipasti and snacky treats, The Bloke gets angry that we don’t get the votes we deserve he falls asleep during the rest of the voting and I wake him up to tell him who has won.

During the Annual Bloggers Bash we book the whole weekend in London and then be a tourist – we try and visit somewhere new each time.

And every Saturday, The Bloke goes into town for some window shopping and a walk round while I do some social media stuff and every time he comes back he always brings me chocolate covered marshmallows, my favourite. 

Looking at it, I do realise that most of it involves food and The Bloke falling asleep… 

What about you guys? Have you developed little traditions in your home? 

8 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. These little traditions are so sweet!
    Ours are he sits downstairs and I upstairs with the kids!!!
    Seriously, out Tv habits are too different!!
    (Btw I’m pink ginned up ATM so I might be writing b*ll*cks!) Sorry!!!
    We do try to spend time together though!!! Honestly!
    That’s what 17 years does to you!!!

  2. I love how much your “bloke” sleeps during these celebrations! “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “Love Actually” and “Elf” are the traditions at our house at Christmas, and of course “Planes Trains & Automobiles” is THE Thanksgiving movie here in the US!

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