An Incredible Street Art Tour of Shoreditch, London

A Street Art Tour of Shoreditch

At the weekend I experienced a street art tour of Shoreditch with Tiffany, the creator of A Girl and Her Passport in London.

She was back in the UK for a little while, and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up as it’s been over a year since she was last here. I  still find it amazing that I get these sorts of opportunities – we connected via the blogging community a few years ago – and she is someone I would never have met otherwise as at the time she lived in Qatar and is from Texas.

She booked the tour through an Airbnb experience and it was something I had been really looking forward to – I’ve seen some of the street art in the Shoreditch area before when The Bloke and I had an inexpensive trip down to London – but I was really interested to find out a little more about the artists and see some of the things I had missed. 

The tour was given by Dean, who can be found on Instagram here @NotBanksyForum – and he was AMAZING. A street artist himself for thirty years, he documents and works directly with artists from all over the world, supporting public art by organising surfaces and assisting with projects. He had specific works to show us all over the Shoreditch area that I’ve actually walked past on numerous occasions and hadn’t even noticed, incorporating the history of street art (not just in Shoreditch but around the world), the artists themselves and their styles, and explained about the development and ever-changing images across different areas and buildings. It’s always fantastic when someone is clearly passionate about what they do (which he certainly was) and he was so interesting and knowledgeable about the artists and their creations that it was impossible not to become as enthused about it as he was. It was awesome – completely unique to anything I had experienced in London –  and could have quite happily followed him around for far longer than the two-hour slot we had booked. Click on the images below for the full size – these were just some of the incredible things we saw!

Afterwards, he was kind enough to send us links to the Instagram accounts of the artists that he had covered and of those that he thought we would find interesting. 

Looking for something different to do during your visit? Want to know more? 

Dean charges just £20 for the tour per person (well worth the money), the tour is given in English and is LGBTQ friendly… His tour can be found here

Disclaimer I paid in full to do the tour, was not under any obligation to give a review and Dean gave me permission to share his links. However, this was such a great thing to do I wanted to share! Go and book a tour!!!!

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  1. they’re brilliant tours aren’t they? I’ve done a couple and they are wonderfully enriching and enlightening and amusing experiences… even in the rain! I think I might go on a wander…

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