Santa’s Been on the Wine…

The Christmas Market has returned to Birmingham and The Bloke and I visited some of it when we were shopping for my outfit for the Birmingham Awards event this Saturday. It’s still too early for Christmas in my opinion, but I must admit that I particularly liked this Santa, looking like he had already been on the mulled wine already and was currently enjoying a little buzz from the booze! He’ll be a mess by the time the big day actually arrives…


10 thoughts on “Santa’s Been on the Wine…

  1. For sure, this Santa won’t be sliding down any chimneys. If he managed to find the open of a chimney as he is staggering around on roofs ready to fall off, he’ll get stuck on the way down and have to cancel Christmas deliveries.

  2. You’re right, it’s still too early for Christmas but Santa does look like he’s a bit stuffed and a little worse for wear. He needs to wait for December 1st when Christmas celebrations should start.

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