Putting the World to Rights over Hummus

This evening my friend took me for an early birthday meal at Damascena, a Syrian cafe in Birmingham that offers all sorts of mezze platters and flatbreads. I’d never been there before, the food was lovely and as I shovelled rather tasty hummus and halloumi into my face it was a great opportunity to catch up and see how life has been since she got married earlier in the year. 

Sometimes, and I’ve said this on many occasions, it’s just nice to sit back, talk utter nonsense and put the world to rights with someone who totally relates to what you’re saying. I’ve known my friend for years – she was actually the first person in the ‘real world’ that I allowed to read a blog post and has always been one of its biggest supporters.  The fact that I don’t have to explain things in great detail or go into the history of something means that conversation is always easy and fun, and my face always hurts at the end of a night from all the smiling. I always end up taking advantage of snapchat filters during these opportunities too (as I feel silly using them when I’m on my own) but as it’s often in the evening they’re always dark and grainy… 

Great hummus, great company and grainy snapchats – just what a girl needs… 


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