Dress Shopping and a Fail

Not the dress I bought, but always like a bit of shiny…

At the start of November I set myself the challenge of blogging every day during the month. I managed twenty-one days continuously… until yesterday. Quite simply, I wasn’t in the mood, I couldn’t think of anything productive to write that wouldn’t take several hours, I had spent most of the day working on another project and I gave up. The blogging enthusiasm went in the bin. To be fair, going from posting three to four times and month to writing every day for three weeks isn’t bad, but I’m still a little disappointed that I fell short of my target. Still, with a week to go until the end of the month I can catch up on the missed post, but sometimes a break is necessary to regroup and get back on track, even if it’s a short one. 

I’ve had a busy few days this week. I have the Birmingham Awards event tomorrow where I am a finalist for Birmingham Blogger of the Year, which is exciting, and The Bloke and I went shopping for a dress (for me, although I’m sure he’d look lovely in one too). Quite frankly, I hate shopping for clothes – give me a stationery store and I would happily lose myself in there for hours – but I’m not particularly body-confident and it’s difficult to find dresses that I find flattering so I generally avoid it as often as possible. 

It actually turned out to be a great afternoon. The Bloke is an incredibly patient person to shop with, so I had braced myself for potentially a full-day of trying on items that didn’t look right or didn’t fit. However, in the first store we went in I spotted a simple black dress with lace, tried in on, it fit beautifully, hid the things that needed to be hidden and cost almost nothing as it was in the sale. Boom. 

If only all clothes shopping experiences were as easy. 

And because it took less than an hour, we had the rest of the day to wander around the newly opened Frankfurt Market, where I ate the first of what I’m sure will be many  foot-long German sausages (on a side note, there’s no way to phrase that sentence without it sounding incredibly rude, so I’m just going with it). 

I’m looking forward to the event and seeing The Bloke in his tux – we’ve never been anywhere where one was required – but I think I’m going to have to prepare myself for the epic cold front that has just hit Birmingham and a thin lacy dress isn’t going to be much help. Perhaps I’ll wear my massive puffy coat (that I refer to as my sleeping bag), complete with the faux-fur hood that would easily fit me in with East 17 in their Stay Another Day video, just to be fashionable. With all the Christmas songs being played already, it seems like the right time of year…

16 thoughts on “Dress Shopping and a Fail

  1. Nothing wrong with setting a goal, but nothing wrong with changing course either…I try to post every day, but sometimes it just doesn’t come as easily…and nobody seems to notice!

  2. I think we should not expect to always achieve or be successful 100 percent of the time with our goals. For instance, I have a goal to work on one or both the two books I’m currently writing at least one hour every day. In the last 44 days, I missed once. I was successful 97.7-percent of the time and failed 2.3-percent of the time. If that was a grade in a classroom, it would still be an A+.

    Of course, there is a reason why I missed that one day. I was helping a friend and it took most of the day. By the time I got home, I didn’t have the energy or motivation to write so I gave myself permission to miss that day, and that was two weeks ago. I helped her the next day too but put my writing on book hour in before I left the house to go help. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my daughter expected me to arrive between noon and 1 pm but I was running an hour late because I stayed long enough to get that hour of writing done. I had a hunch that I’d be getting home late and I was right.

    21 successful days before the day off means you were on task 95.2-percent of the time. I think if we keep our goal success rate always 90 percent or higher, it’s okay. Life sometimes gets in the way. It happens. And this is the holiday season where those ‘its’ happen a lot.


  3. I hate clothes shopping as well. But I usually have an idea of what I want and then spend a lot of time searching for it. I only do one session of trying things on because I hate it so much. I gather up everything at once and if the store has small limits, I just leave the clothes with them and leave. I don’t have the patience for that kind of crap.

  4. I wish I could do 21 days of blogging! THE A-Z challenge did me in when I participated. Congrats on finding THE dress – and on sale, what a miracle! I also hate shopping, do most of it online except for dresses, which I seldom wear. DO send pictures of the big event!!!

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