A Night at the Birmingham Awards

Last week The Bloke and I put on our glad rags and went to Edgbaston Stadium for the Birmingham Awards event. I had been shortlisted for Blogger of the Year, which came as a complete surprise, and I found myself surrounded by businesses, organisations and individuals who work hard to contribute to and promote the city.   It had been an interesting afternoon getting ready – by the time we left the house I had managed to put my toe through my tights and was wearing stomach-holding undergarments that were so tight that I wondered if I could get through the evening without breathing too much. 

It was a great night – I knew a few people already (and I had the chance to say hello to one that I particularly admire but haven’t seen for over a year) and it was a fantastic opportunity for networking. That’s what I love about Birmingham – there are so many things going on throughout the city that are created solely for the purpose of making the lives of the community better and there were some really inspiring stories and interesting conversations. I was seated next to a local politician for Birmingham and he was a good laugh – at one point I could see that he was tweeting about the event so jokingly told him that he needed to tag me in and add that I was awesome, and he obliged, bless him. 

I didn’t win – I didn’t expect to if I’m honest – the person who I thought would win did exactly that – and the look on her face was a joy to behold, reminding me of Shelley Wilson’s expression when she won at the Annual Bloggers Bash a few years ago. 

However, just by being nominated, then shortlisted, I was given the opportunity to experience something completely new and exciting, had the chance to find out more about my adopted city and – above all – spend the evening with The Bloke adopting his inner James Bond and looking all handsome in his tux. 


Thank you to whoever it was that nominated me (I still have no idea) and to everyone who voted and sent good luck messages on the day. It was something that made my year… 

16 thoughts on “A Night at the Birmingham Awards

      • Our trip to New York was great!
        My daughter missed out on the one autograph she really wanted but Mean Girls was amazing and as always, we made the most of our limited time in NYC.
        I really need to go back for at least a week but budgetary and familial concerns can’t be ignored.
        As for me, I still have my moments of self-doubt and grief over the events of the past two years, but I have family and friends to pull me through.

  1. Congratulations! You are my blogging hero! I am so proud to know you and often tell others of your wonderful blog. You are a handsome couple. Of course you were nominated, that seems like a natural thing to happen. Well done!

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