Jingle & Mingle – Christmas Blog Party

Want to promote your latest post and meet new bloggers? To celebrate the release of her new children’s book, Sonia is hosting a blog party over at Losing the Plot! Please don’t like or comment on my reblog – hop on over, check out her new book, say hello and leave a link to your blog!

Losing the Plot

Blog Party Invitation
Jingle & Mingle, Christmas Blog Party

Hello! Welcome to Jingle & Mingle a Blog Sharing Christmas Party. I’ve noticed a few new faces on the bloc recently and this will be a great opportunity to meet some other bloggers, read a few new posts and perhaps follow some brand new blogs. 

Just to get it out of the way – it seems to be good practice to lay down some rules first. 

Blog Party Ground Rules

  1. Choose your favourite post from your own blog, it can be any topic, any theme, though anything Christmassy would be lovely, and can we agree to keep it to one post each please.
  2. Once you have copied the URL, paste this in the comments section.
  3. I would appreciate it if you limit posts to blogs only, so no Amazon, Etsy or Facebook groups, these will be deleted.
  4. Please engage – blog parties work best…

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