The Letter From Santa: Sonia Boal

Looking for a new story to read with the kids? I always love a good Christmas story, and this year Sonia from Losing the Plot has an exciting new children’s book out, ready for the festive season:

The Letter From Santa

Santa is in his workshop at the North Pole, when suddenly he discovers a leak. 

In a land of ice and snow, this seem a bit odd. 

He and his chief Elf and Safety Rep (Jingles) go “up top” to investigate. 

But when they get onto the roof they discover something shocking that could spell the end of Christmas for everyone.

What will Santa do? Can the problem be fixed, or does he need help? 

Where would help come from and will it come in time for Christmas?

The Letter From Santa reminds us that we aren’t the only ones on planet earth and addresses some of the issues our children grow up with on a daily basis.

The Letter from Santa is suitable for 7 -10 year olds. It’s a 20 minute read, being suitable for bedtime reading or for independent reading and fits in with the NI Curriculum as it explores many issues in The World Around Us. It is endorsed by the Green Party and Sonia uses it in her work with Belfast City Council, reading it to school children during December, which is amazing!

It is available on Amazon both in hard copy and on Kindle or audio CD with a Christmas card, featuring one of the illustrations from the book.

Have you checked out Losing the Plot? Sonia likes to write a variety of posts, recipes, the odd review (mostly of buns), Losing her rag at the tumbledown house she lives in, or documenting the dopy situations she finds herself in. She loves creative writing and having a laugh, and her favourite posts are her blog round ups. They have their own unique style, where she creates a story around her fellow blogger’s posts and link to them within the narrative. You can find her blog by clicking on the link here…

Hop on over and get your copy now!

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