Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day is nearly upon us and I’ve just about reached the point where I think that everything is now done. It’s completely different to this time a year ago – I was so excited about our first Christmas together as husband and wife that I had planned and organised the whole thing weeks in advance – whereas this year we managed to get the cards sent out and the food bought just a few days ago. Perhaps it’s my mindset – I hadn’t been feeling the Christmassy vibe over December so most things were left until the last minute. Thankfully, when the cupboards had been stocked, the cards and presents sent and I had turned on the fairy lights, lit the candles and curled up on the couch with The Bloke it (thankfully) started to feel a little more festive. 

We’re staying at home again this year so we don’t have to battle with the busy commute on the trains or lug presents half-way up the country – my mum visited a few weeks ago (during which I dragged her half-way round Birmingham) and took presents home with her to give to the rest of the family on Christmas Day, and The Bloke drove up to see his mum and sister earlier in the week to swap gifts in advance. I wrapped The Bloke’s presents yesterday, and the cat also has a present which he is desperate to get to (it contains catnip), so that will remain in the cupboard under that stairs until Christmas Day morning. Last night we had a drink round at our new neighbours house (which was a blast), and now we don’t have to go anywhere if we don’t wish to for the next week.


We’ve also got a plan ready for the Christmas Eve to Boxing Day period. One of The Bloke’s traditions in his youth was to to buy a TV guide and circle his viewing schedule in advance, so we decided to create our own this year instead. We’ve got our favourite Christmassy themed films and TV programmes, along with films that are often shown around the holiday season – James Bond, Star Wars, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Indiana Jones, Grease etc – and with these are the meals and snacks I am going to cook. There’s going to be lots of eating, generally lounging around and ignoring the scales. I’m very lucky, and very grateful for it. 

Wherever you are, and whoever you are spending it with, I hope you have a very happy and peaceful Christmas. If you would like to share a picture of your Christmas Day with me tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a thread on my Twitter http://www.twitter.com/suzie81blog for Christmas pics…

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  1. The bloke and his TV Guide brought back memories from my teen years…when I studied all of the shows I wanted to watch because of the cute guys on them. Good times. :-p

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Suzie, and the hubby!

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