New Year, No New Goals

It’s a little belated, but Happy New Year! The Bloke and I celebrated by indulging in a slightly more healthy set of snacky treats than the cheese and Toblerone apocalypse that was Christmas, watching Stardust for the bajillionth time followed by broadcast of the fireworks from the bank of the Thames and the London Eye, after which we went to bed. 

Party animals, we are not. Even now, at the rather spring-chicken-esque age of 37, I think it’s safe to say that my days of throwing on a dress the size of a tea towel and strutting my stuff around a heaving nightclub in a pair of heels that would make my feet hurt for a week are long gone – even the mere thought it sends me running upstairs to find my comfy jammies and slippers. 

I’m very lucky. And, as everyone now goes back to work and my Facebook timeline is filled with desperate and depressive posts about wanting the Christmas season back, I am once again filled with the immense relief that my work day is at home and my own to decide. At this time of year I usually make resolutions and plans, only to promptly forget about 90% of them within a week. This year, I’ve done nothing new nor set myself any goals that I didn’t already have throughout 2018. I knew what I needed to work on and what I had started developing last year, and so I’m just going to continue onwards with that. Of course, I would love to get back into the little black dress that I wore for my 30th birthday at some point and I have a whole list of places that I would like to see and experience, but as an act of self-preservation I am simply taking life one day at a time and sticking to my schedule rather than developing unrealistic goals that would only serve to disappoint in a few months. Like anything, things will only happen when I make them happen, and all of it needs to be done in a series of small steps rather than a gigantic proclamation followed by the inevitable overwhelm and a swift retreat to the couch with a blanket, The Cat and re-runs of Diagnosis Murder.

Hang on… is not having any new goals a goal in itself?

What about you guys? What are your resolutions and plans for the New Year? 

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51 thoughts on “New Year, No New Goals

  1. Totally get you on that no new year new me stuff… but I am going to try and finish all that needs doing with my manuscript (finally!) And take more time for myself!

  2. Ah the little black dress. Do they all only come in one size? Little? I am not a party animal either, and I agree wholeheartedly with the statement “things will only happen when I make them happen”.

    My plan for this year is to become established as an up-and-coming children’s author (prepares couch and blanket). I have 8 books planned for this year. I just published one, so I have seven more to go. 🙂

  3. I have the same New Year Resolutions I have had for about the last 10 years. Lose weight, get more organized, file all the papers, finish my book (that’s only been carried over for a year), be a better blogger, tidy up my garden, let go of some of the chores in my house, not care so much about everything being done perfectly, travel, and be better with my money – the usual stuff! Maybe I will get it all done this year….maybe! Her’s to accomplishing many things in 2019, and enjoying ourselves along the way!!!

  4. I also had unfinished business with 2018 goals so mainly sticking with them again. I’d love to be able to squeeze into a tea towel and dance the night away…sadly unlikely again this year. I’m not ready to be properly in my thirties yet, even if I’ve been acting like I am for years in reality 😉

  5. I used to make lists of stuff I didn’t want to do and kinda work from there. These days, I have goals, but one of them is to not get so stressed that I do nothing.

  6. Have to agree on the New Year goals Suzie, we don’t make any at all and just try to continue with how we normally approach life. We try and learn lessons day to day and improve ourselves as we go. But you may be right about having no goals actually being a goal.

  7. I’m lucky that my village hosts a firework display in the village square at midnight on New Year’s Eve… and from my bedroom window my husband and I had a warm & uninterrupted view!! It was my son’s 21st birthday on NYE too – so he & his girlfriend went for a curry & drinks with friends 😊.
    Re : New Year plans for my blog … hmmm … it has taken a bit of a backseat since my return to work but this year I hope to continue to find interesting people to interview on a weekly basis 😊

  8. I don’t do resolutions, But I keep in mind what I want to work towards and get out of the year. But nothing hard or I’ll never achieve it.

  9. Blanket + Cat seems like the best option to me 😉 But of course, both blanket and cat will be more appreciated (and, in the case of the cat, more appreciative,) if you come to them on your terms, rather than as necessity! 🙂

  10. I’ll be happy if I can (finally) put together a short film based on my blog while finishing a “100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself” feature on said blog.
    And if I manage to tick my wife of less this year that’d be good too…

  11. We are so alike – jammies on early, but we watch Love, Actually. We are NOT New Year’s hounds – maybe it comes with being over 30 (long ago for us) with sore feet?
    No resolutions, Suzie, just a determination to finish my book!

    • Hahah! Love Actually reduces me to a snivelling mess so I tend to watch that around Christmas instead – gets me every time! Looking forward to seeing 8t published, Noelle!

  12. So, I thought I was weird for not being compelled in the slightest to make any resolutions. I did, however, decide to stop using the elevator at my research lab a week BEFORE the new year because I’m a bit lazy and I need to work on that.

  13. I think continuing on with your path is incredibly healthy! No need for the added pressure of new goals if you’ve got something that’s working for you! Happy New Year!

  14. I have a couple of goals, but as you know, they’re pretty “mydangblog-y”, lol. I really just want health and happiness for my family for another year–not too much to ask, right?

  15. Happy New Year!
    After 34 years together, my spouse and I spend New Year’s Eve this way: after lunch we build a fire and start on a series of appetizers and bubbly and review the year, sometimes with my journal open. It’s so easy to forget things. We talk about all the accomplishments, changes, triumphs, setbacks for us and our kids, and include things like selling a book down to having the patio re-done. It all counts. Dinner follows with a good bottle of wine, and then dessert later and more bubbly. It’s a low-key, intimate time. And we always have something special for brunch the next day. And Bloody Marys. 🙂

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