Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes…

It’s Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day – here in the UK, so The Bloke and I decided to make a morning trip into the city to have them for breakfast. We went to Cherry Reds who were offering all-you-can-eat American style pancakes with syrup. Of course, I made a statement to The Bloke about wanting to eat as many as possible and then could barely make it through two of them, but it was a treat to get out of the house and go out for breakfast. I like Cherry Reds, it’s reasonably priced, a really nice atmosphere and the staff are lovely. Always a nice way to start the day…

We walked off our sugar rush with a bit of shopping and then went over to Cathedral Square where Birmingham based ‘Famcake’ (Vegan and Gluten free) makers ‘The Bloods and Crepes’ were offering free pancakes for a donation to homeless charity Sifa Fireside. We had met them before in the early stages of their business enterprise – they’re a really nice bunch of lads – and by the time we saw them they had completely run out of product and had made over £200 for the charity… 

Of course, no Pancake Day should be without a proper British pancake, so when we had eaten dinner I made up a batch using this recipe. Not the sexiest looking pancakes in the world – these pancakes are thin and slightly crepe-like (and mine looked particularly tragic) but yummy all the same (and my favourite). I went for the maple syrup and banana toppings this year, but I like to change it up every so often.

Unsurprisingly, I feel a bit sick… Perhaps I’ll leave it for a little while before I have another one…

What about you guys? Did you indulge in pancakes today?

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  1. no pancakes here… fortunately hubby didn’t remember what Shrove Tuesday is, so I didn’t have to make them. I prefer my homemade pancakes to those served out. Mine are light and fluffy and small, not the heavy huge things that are sold most places… I tend to lean toward crepes than the usual pancakes that can weight down an aircraft carrier. All of yours sound delicious, and I think your homemade ones were probably the best of the day!

  2. Oh, I love pancakes and home fried potatoes. But since I’m a vegan, finding a place to serves pancakes that fits my lifestyle is not easy. The closest restaurant to me is about an hour and a half travel distance from my house, a popular vegan restaurant called, of all things, “The Butcher’s Son.”

    I’ve only been once and the menu offered a double or single stack. I hadn’t had a pancake in months and I was so tempted to go for the double stack and was very glad I didn’t.

    When the single stack arrived, it was the size of a large dinner plate and about one inch thick.

    Here is the menu for “The Butcher’s Son” in Berkeley, California not far from UC Berkeley.

    The menu doesn’t sound vegan but it is. Vegan means no dairy. I understand they make all of the ingredients used. They make the vegan cheese and vegan milk and so on.

    Now, after reading your post, I’m ready to make that trip again. They open at 8:30 AM on the weekend, or they did when I went, and the place is so popular, that’s when you want to arrive when the line of waiting customers is only a dozen or less because I’ve been warned, the line can get really long.

    The Butcher’s Son is an all vegan delicatessen located at 1941 University Avenue in Berkeley, CA. (510) 984-0818 Hours – Monday, Thursday & Friday 11AM – 8:00 PM… (I think they changed their hours since I was there) Sat and Sunday 9 AM to 5 pm.

  3. So many pancakes and so little time eh? Sounds like you really went for it. Not a fan of American pancakes but English ones with a bit of lemon and sugar are perfect.

    • Oh my gosh there’s an idea haha! The Bloke and I have far too many cheat days so I can use this as an incentive for sticking to the diet and having something amazing to look forward to!

  4. Pancakes are usually a weekend thing for us. I don’t really have a lot of time in the mornings to prep breakfast, unfortunately. But I do love a good pancake when I get a chance!

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