My Cat is Still a Jerk

An angry cat…

I had planned to take the day off on Saturday and have a bit of self-indulgent me time while The Bloke was off on a photography thing. I had worked every day that week and was looking forward to having the house to myself, putting all the technology away, snuggling up under a blanket and watching a cheesy film and an unhealthy breakfast. 

The cat, however, had other ideas. 

We awoke on Saturday morning to see that Mr Jerk had developed a swollen eyelid and was busy shaking his head and attacking his little face. So, after the usual  ‘there’s-no-way-you’re-putting-me-in-that-cat-carrier’ power struggle, off we went to the vets. 

He’s a total softie but the vet is not his favourite person, so half his appointment was spent trying to stop him from wriggling or going to hide under the table. To add further insult to injury I took the opportunity while we were there to make sure he was topped up with his worming tablet and annual vaccinations, and we were sent away with eye drops and a further appointment for a teeth cleaning session.  

Ever tried to put eye drops into an angry cat’s eye when he’s just been subjected to a full examination, an annual vaccination, worming tablet and a thermometer up his bum when he hasn’t even had his breakfast? Chasing him around the house was certainly a whole bunch exercise I hadn’t planned for… Thankfully, he’s ok and spent the rest of the day sulking. 

It’s a good job he’s cute. 

He’s blatantly planning to kill me in my sleep tonight.

30 thoughts on “My Cat is Still a Jerk

  1. Oh the fun, impromptu visits to the vet!! The last time Freja had an appointment, she was such in an ”over-my-dead-body” state of mind, that both the vet and her assistant had to wear thick leather gloves that go all the way to the elbows (pretty much like the gloves they use for falconry) to give her her annual shots… Six pounds of furry fury!! Glad to see Mr Jerk is going to be fine 🙂 Don’t we just love them?? 😛

  2. haha! Cats! I worked with a vet as a scrub nurse years ago, they are such wonderful creatures (the cats, not the vets)…. Hope he is on the mend and more than likely your demise is being thoughtfully planned out.

  3. LOL…I have not had to put liquid in a cat’s eye, but I’ve been given liquid drugs and a syringe (for oral insertion) and sent on my way. I can tell you that doesn’t work. Ever.
    I hope Mr. Kitty is back to his normal self soon and you get a day of rest.

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