Notre Dame

The Bloke and I watched in horror last night as the news reports of the devastating fire at Notre Dame were broadcast.

We were lucky to visit the cathedral in 2011 – I surprised him with a five-day visit to Paris and Notre Dame was at the top of the list of things that we wanted to see. It was truly a magnificent experience – neither of us follow a faith but couldn’t help be more than a little overwhelmed at the beauty, architecture and history of such an incredible building.

It was heartbreaking to see the spire and parts of the roof collapse, but I was, as always, grateful for the incredible response from the fire services and touched by the response from the public – my Twitter feed was filled with songs being performed by crowds that had gathered to pay their respects to the cathedral as the blaze was being put out.

It’s a sad day…


18 thoughts on “Notre Dame

  1. We sat and watched the news in horror last night too – our last visit to Paris was in 2010, and we too visited Notre Dame (although neither of us are religious) and it was so upsetting to watch the footage, especially when the spire fell… what a shame 😦

  2. The only good news coming out of Paris is how so many individuals and companies are committing to help rebuild and restore – my wife and I last attended mass there on Christmas eve 2017…

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