The Boy is Back

The cat looks rather handsome with his yellow and pink piggy bandage

Two weeks: 

  • Three long distance train journeys, 
  • Two flights, 
  • One long distance coach trip, 
  • Six taxi journeys 
  • Eight tube rides, 
  • Climbed at least 1000 steps,
  • Walked eight miles in one day,
  • A holiday in Dubrovnik 
  • A weekend in London,
  • A trip to IKEA,
  • Half a Sixpence at the Alexandra Theatre,
  • A visit to Martineau Gardens,
  • Two vets and a forty-eight hour stay for the cat at the veterinary hospital,
  • A follow-up consult at the doctors.

I clearly didn’t think this through properly. 

The cat is home. His bloods showed an improvement in his kidney function so we are giving him the chance to spend whatever time he has left in the place where he’s most comfortable – sleeping on the couch and generally getting in my way while I’m trying to work. He’s feeling a little sorry for himself, is clearly annoyed at being away for a few days, but he’s sporting a rather fetching piggy bandage and the house feels ‘right’ again. 

I’m shattered and have a mountain of work to catch up on. Of course, I’m always grateful for all the opportunities that I have as a result of the blog and social media management, but I’m also equally grateful that I’m in good health and I don’t have anywhere to go for the next few days. 

If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch.