Kylie Minogue and a Brand New Month

Last night I watched the Kylie Minogue set at Glastonbury on TV. I love music – my degree is in the subject – and it has been one of the biggest influences throughout most of my life, but while I’ve been to see plenty of my favourite bands live in concert, I’m not a fan of festivals and generally don’t watch them.

However, I’ve got a soft spot for Kylie. I adored her as Charlene in Neighbours in the late 80’s, absolutely wetting myself with excitement when Charlene married Jason Donovan’s ‘Scott.’ So much so, in fact, that I wanted to walk down the aisle to the song that was used during the wedding scene – ‘Suddenly’ by Angry Anderson – when The Bloke and I were planning our wedding a few years ago. He wasn’t impressed with the idea, but it still remains one of my favourite songs.

Her albums were the first my eight-year-old self owned on vinyl and I listened to them so much that every lyric was ingrained into my brain. Thirty years later, I still remembered every word as I watched an emotional Kylie perform songs from her incredible career, fourteen years after her headline performance was cancelled due to her breast cancer diagnosis. As always, she was flawless, and I thoroughly entertained The Bloke with my vocal stylings while frantically texting my friend Donna (another Kylie fan).

It was needed. With the exception of an incredible trip to Dubrovnik with some of my favourite people, June was generally pretty crap. However, it’s a new month and with it comes a sense of a fresh start and new goals. It also helps that today is a Monday – I love the beginning of a new week and a fresh Tracker page in my Bullet Journal.

Here’s to a great July!