When Facebook Actually Leads to Good Things…

I’ve wanted to get back into some form of regular exercise for a while. The Bloke and I are fortunate enough to go out on a lot of day trips and date nights, but working from home means that I spend a large amount of my time sitting. I like sitting. I’ve adopted our living room space as my office which allows me to work from the comfort of the couch while binge-watching the latest series of whatever is available on various streaming services.

Unfortunately, while I find this extremely soothing for the soul (especially on a rainy Monday morning when everyone is battling their way through the traffic on the way to work), it isn’t particularly beneficial for the body and as a result my health has started to suffer for it. I repeatedly mentioned to The Bloke that I needed to start being more productive, but even the thought of it has proved to be rather intimidating.

As if the universe heard my ramblings, a photo popped up from a local Facebook group in my feed at the beginning of July about a low-impact aerobics class at the large house in the Park next to where we live, and it seemed perfect: three affordable sessions a week with a qualified instructor in a supportive environment. Despite my nerves and fighting with my brain (which automatically seeks to sabotage anything positive I try to do for some reason), I went to my first class and immediately fell in love with it – the instructor is lovely, the attendees are really friendly, and the structure of the class allows for every fitness level.

The instructor and I had a chat afterwards and it was amazing at how similar our stories are – she’s a former teacher who quit her job after a number of years to pursue her artwork – and she was looking for someone to organise her website and social media.


She took me on as her social media manager and we have become friends – we’ve been for coffee and she invited The Bloke and I round to her (absolutely beautiful) house for dinner with her awesome family.

This is only my fourth week, but I’ve managed to attend classes regularly and I’m thoroughly enjoying it – my body has stopped feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck and the boost I get afterwards from the endorphins is so strong that sometimes I feel like I need to go for a run to burn it off.

Amazing how a little Facebook ad can bring so many great things in one go…

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