Creating a Manual Pinning Strategy on Pinterest

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One of my big blogging regrets is the number of years that I avoided using Pinterest to help bring referrals to my posts. Pinterest is my favourite part of my daily checklist and is now the primary resource of traffic referrals, bringing in tens of thousands of views with minimal effort. I’ve even been able to expand this further and incorporate it into my Social Media Management Services – growing and developing the Pinterest accounts of others.

This is nothing in comparison to Pinterest Queen Elena Peters, who has harnessed the power of Pinterest to gain over 100,000 views a month, grow her followers in her first year alone on Pinterest from 0 to 12,000 (she now has over 23,000) and increasing her impressions to almost 3 million a month. In her first year she was able to reach one million total views on her blog and quit her job to blog full-time, continuing to earn a steady income from ads due to the high volume of traffic that Pinterest sends her every single month!

I’ve learned a lot from both her blog and in discussions with her about what she does, and now she can help you too!

After working with hundreds of clients, Elena has developed an easy-to-follow and straightforward Manual Pinning Strategy course on Teachable for bloggers looking for that extra boost by pinning strategically for just 15 minutes a day.

The hard truth is that you probably spend hours on Pinterest with little to no results because you don’t know what, how or when to pin.

This training will be perfect for you if you’ve…

  • never used Pinterest before to drive traffic to your blog
  • been using Pinterest for a while but with little to no results
  • been overwhelmed with Pinterest and wasted hours without any real plan or strategy
  • no idea what or how you should be pinning

If you want to know what to pin and from where, this course is all you’ll need to maximise your results.

The course is normally priced at $44.50, but over September only she is offering her Manual Pinning Strategy course with a 32% discount– an absolute bargain for anyone wanting to gain from her experience!

Want to purchase the course? Click on the image below to be taken to the course, and use the promo code SEPTEMBER-SALE to get your discount. Valid coupon codes can be used at checkout and cost will automatically be adjusted.

Don’t forget, the promo code is SEPTEMBER-SALE


15 Minute Manual Pinterest Strategy Discount

Happy Pinning!

12 thoughts on “Creating a Manual Pinning Strategy on Pinterest

  1. No one has encouraged me to use Pinterest to grow viewers until now to drive views to my blogs but one person did suggest I join Instagram. I did join Pinterest some time ago but spend no time there. I might also belong to Instagram but I don’t know. Back in the early years after publishing my first book in December 2007, I joined a lot of sites around the time I started to launch my blogs.

    For me, the challenge has always been juggling my awake time between social media, blogging, and writing my future books.

    I’m editing one book for a friend and working one three books of my own. Just catching up with my social media stream (includes e-mails that I click like the one I get from your Blog when a new post arrives) takes several hours a day every day to keep up with what I think is a never-ending flood.

    Social media is like a smorgasbord of incredible tasy looking food and my eyes are always hungrier than my stomach.

    • I totally agree – there’s so much out there to promote your stuff with that sometimes can become a bit overwhelming. Pinterest is definitely my most successful way of bringing views in…

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