A Few Days in Bolton

Bolton Albert Halls

I’ve been up north over the last few days with the family as mum had an operation – nothing major thank goodness, but she needed someone to stay post-recovery in case of an emergency and to walk the dog. Thankfully, everything has gone well and while she is going to have to take it easy and be monitored over the next few weeks, her immediate post-op results were good and she didn’t experience the problems that we expected as she has a history of bad reactions to anaesthetic.

While I was there I had the opportunity to see my niece – who I labelled The Squidge when she was born due to her immense squidginess. The Squidge is no longer a squidge – at almost three years old she has turned into a beautiful little girl with bright blonde hair and piercing blue eyes who already knows her own mind, loves Pepper Pig and was happily showing us her dance steps that she has learned at the class that she goes to and the sign language that she has been taught at nursery. I remember being amazed when The Squidge could sit upright and feed herself, and now that she is a walking, talking little human who can count and who says please and thank you and puts her hand over her mouth when she coughs it was all I could do not to proclaim her a genius and suggest a membership to Mensa.


My mum doesn’t have WiFi and it’s a bit of a running joke within the family that her house is the black hole of the Internet, to the point where even 3G is impossible in certain areas. It’s as if there is some sort of invisible forcefield as soon as you walk through the door – all trace of the internet disappears, with just one small spot in the middle of her couch where there is any signal available. It was a stark reminder of just how dependent I have become on technology, and on the positive side it meant that I could have a little break, take the dog out and catch up on a bit of sleep. Mum has a rescue dog called Dennis who came to her about ten years ago from a domestic violence charity, and even after all these years of being spoilt rotten he’s still incredibly skittish and nervy, so it was a nice opportunity to bond with him – he still gave me the side-eye but he felt comfortable enough to park his arse on me so I could give him a bit of a cuddle.

I got back home yesterday after having one of the easiest journeys I had experienced in a while – I never learned to drive and so the trip back involves two buses and two trains. The cat was ridiculously pleased to see me.

On a side note, I was horrified to wake up this morning with the news about the blaze at the student block of flats in the centre of Bolton, just two years after the tragedy of Grenfell. I was near that location yesterday on my way to the train station – texting my friend as I walked through the centre of the town to comment on the fact that I hadn’t visited in years and while it was different I still knew where everything was. I’m so glad that everyone got out unharmed, but I’m sorry for the students that have lost everything in the process, particularly in the fact that they were assured in 2017 that the cladding was safe…

What about you guys? How has your week been?

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21 thoughts on “A Few Days in Bolton

  1. Glad mum is okay.
    I bet it was a little bit of an extra break with no WiFi!
    Can’t believe Squidge is 3!
    My week’s been same same… School, parenting, drs appts… But I’m nervously excited as I’m doing my cover reveal today 😁😁😁

  2. Hi Suzie, I’m glad your mother is doing better after surgery, Amen! I think we are all too used to the internet and technology today, so dependent on it every day that taking a break is always good! I’d like to meet Dennis, dogs seem to come to me for whatever reason. Have a good weekend! ❤️🇬🇧

  3. I hope your Mom continues to heal. I know you were a big comfort to her and I know she is likely missing you being there. It’s always so much fun to have a daughter in your home. Get some rest, I know it’s tiring not being in your own home. Our week was okay, making decisions for hubby. Looks like some major surgery at the beginning of the year for him, we feel more confident in that than radiation. Love you! Get some rest. cathi (daf)

  4. Oh my word, that fire! I’ve seen some accounts where the students escaped in PJs with nothing else! I feel so sorry for them.

    Meanwhile you have the political circus going on, with more smoke and mirrors.

    Just awful.

    Nice for you to spend some time at home though. It always feels like a vote of confidence to be chosen by an animal, particularly a nervous one.

  5. It’s interesting how much a part of our everyday lives the internet is – in many good ways, important for the everyday running of our lives, and for sharing fun pics and stories as well…I can’t imagine how tough it was to not have a signal!

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