Great January Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January

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As the new year begins I have been incredibly excited about setting up my new Bullet Journal. The ability to be able to customise my own planner has been enormously useful when planning out my daily and monthly tasks, and I have taken regular inspiration from the insanely talented creators across Instagram and YouTube to develop my creative side to make my spread ideas more interesting.

Looking for a notebook? I already bought a set of Bullet Journals last year, but I have heard numerous great things about the A5 Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter.

Looking for ways to set up an effective Bullet Journal in 2020? Get ideas for Equipment, Future Logs, Goal ideas and Trackers here.

Cover Page

For my January theme I wanted to keep it simple, complimenting easy star doodles with a pale blue colour to represent the cold hues of the winter season in the UK. Additionally, I added a pretty blue snowflake washi tape on some of the spreads for that extra pop of colour and point of interest. My title page is a simple patten of stars and a small calendar drawn in the corner using Pigma Micron Fineliners (my favourite as they dry quickly and don’t bleed through the page), with a pale blue colour using one of my favourite Tombow Dual Brush Pens to scribble behind the calligraphy.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Suzie Speaks Cover Page

Here are some other ideas for beautiful Cover Page spreads. The first one is from Mochi Moon Studio, with black and gold doodles drawn over watercolours. The second is from Journal with Rae, who has layered paper in a really beautiful way.

Want to do something a little more quirky? I really liked these Pokemon illustrations by Char Dangerfield – a great way of brightening up the page with some cute characters!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Char Dangerfield

Monthly Plan and Quote

For a quick overview of the month I like to create a simple linear list spread which I call the Monthly Plan. If there are personal appointments or events coming up, I put them into this section to see what I have coming up over the month and therefore can plan my work schedule around it. On the adjoining page I have added my favourite quote by C.S. Lewis that fits the time of year perfectly and played about with a few different font styles.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Suzie Speaks Monthly Plan

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

I like this quote page from Dots by N / Bullet Journal too – bold, great use of fonts and I love the colours!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Quote Dots by N

Daily Task List

On the next double page I have created a simple Daily Task List spread that is set out like a calendar. I use this specifically for individual work-based tasks and reminders, colouring in small boxes next to the tasks when I have completed them. This is my favourite of all the spreads – it’s an incredibly simple and easy layout to create, but looks really beautiful when each of the spaces are filled in by the end of the month. I have continued the star pattern on this, but I may add more throughout the month.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Suzie Speaks Daily Task List

Here is a lovely example of how an easy Daily Task List spread can be set out in calendar form from Bullet with E, with a lovely constellation theme. I love the lettering too!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January bulletwithe

Need more space? Create a weekly task list spread instead by using a double page to set out your week. Check out these spread ideas from notikjournal. They have created a weekly spread for their tasks and added a beautiful quote page next to it.


Here’s are more example of beautiful weekly spreads. The first is from Productive Doodling. I love the architecture / city theme and the colours. The second is from Bujo Escape – this time the spaces have been created in a vertical spread with some gorgeous washi tape on each side.

Brain Dump

Looking for somewhere to store all of your ideas? A ‘Brain Dump’ page is always useful – a simple blank space to jot down content ideas over the next month to revisit when you have a spare bit of time. Check out this simple spread from Kathryn below – I love the cute snowflake doodles too!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Brain Dump Kathryn


Habit and Mood Tracker

A Habit Tracker is the perfect way of monitoring small habits on a daily basis, and can be adapted to any goals or topics that you may have set yourself for the new year. I have set mine on a double page spread, using a page for each. For my Habit Tracker spread I have set out six habits that I want to work towards, creating a box for each day of the month in a calendar layout under each topic. This means that all I have to do is colour in the box on the day that I complete something which allows me to have a quick overview of how well I have done at the end of the month. For the mood tracker I have used the simple diamond star theme that represent each day, of which I will colour the boxes in according to my mood. Like the Habit Tracker, this provides a visual overview at the end of the month.

Habit trackers can be used for lots of topics including:

  • Self-Care
  • Health and fitness
  • Decluttering and Minimalism
  • Cleaning
  • Reading, writing or blogging
  • Money, finances  and savings

I really like this cleaning checklist from Bujo Escape – mapping out tasks according to weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. It’s a great way of being able to keep track of what needs to be done and when without it becoming overwhelming and serves as great inspiration for developing a habit tracker.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January Cleaning Tracker Bujo Escape

For a list of over 200 Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas, visit here.

What about you guys? Do you use Bullet Journals? What are you favourite spreads to create?

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