Blog of the Day: Thoughts N Life Blog

Looking to gain more from your life?

We are already well in to the first month of the new year, and I have taken lots of inspiration from motivational blogs that encourage thought and positivity.

Meet Bella, the creator of the Thoughts N Life Blog.

She believes that the thoughts we generate can greatly impact our life greatly, and the ability to change and redirect our thought process can subsequently change our lifestyle and the impact that we have on the world. With the notion that a thought is the seed of a deed or action, being conscious of sowing the right seeds can help to provide us with the courage to do the right thing.

I like her explanation in her About Page:

A simple blog, created to inspire and motivate myself and anyone else who might be aligned to what is being shared here. I have a taken much benefit from self-development from a personal, professional, and spiritual standpoint. And that is what I want to share here, in terms of what I have learnt, or whatever it is I am currently contemplating or practising.

I have a passion for meditation, self-improvement, inner peace, and always trying to find positive ways to be happy in difficult situations. But, not just in difficult situation, balance and harmony are needed in our day to day life. One moment we are happy and another we are flat on the floor. I believe our thoughts and feelings really impact our life, there could be nothing difficult in our life at present, yet we are so unhappy. Why is that?

I also have a need for orderliness in the home and life, though I may not always live up to it. I believe orderliness impacts our happiness too.

With lots of inspiration, guided meditations, advice and guidance on creating a new and positive thought process and tons of new and regular content, Thoughts N Life Blog is a brilliant blog to add to your daily reads.

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