Great February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas


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After what has seemed like forever, January has finally ended for 2020. (Incidentally, if you missed my Great January Bullet Journal Spread Ideas, you can visit here).

I like February – I have been able to get myself back into a routine and start preparing content ideas for a later date, and as always, my Bullet Journal has been instrumental in allowing me to organise myself effectively without becoming overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on Valentine’s Day during the first half of the month, I like to spend the month being more conscious of self-care and wellness. I find it equally as important to take care of my own well-being in the same way I do for The Bloke. Consequently, some of my spreads are specifically targeted towards taking some time for myself when things seem a bit too much.

Looking for a notebook? I already bought a set of Bullet Journals last year, but I have heard numerous great things about the A5 Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter. I have created my spreads using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the SAKURA PIGMA Micron Fineliner Pens.

Cover Page Ideas

Check out these beautiful cover page spread designs from Annie Zhang, Mochi Moon Studio and Journal Away. I love the use of brown paper and washi tape and the change from back to white ink on Annie’s spread, the ink doodle on Mochi Moon Studio’s cover and the gorgeous illustration and design on Journal Away’s double page. Click on the images for the full view.

Monthly Plan

For my Monthly Plan I like to create a linear list on a single page that I can note down events that are coming up over the month that I can see in advance. On the next page I created a list of Self Care ideas, and had fun using different fonts and sizes for each. Click on the images for the full size.

Daily Task List and Weekly Spread Ideas

For my Daily Task List spread I have followed the same calendar layout that I created in January. I use this space to note down daily tasks, colouring them in as I complete them.

Great February Bullet Journal Ideas Daily Task List (3)

I really love these weekly spread ideas. The first one is from Vorfreudes, using brown paper, beautiful calligraphy and a single page to record all of the tasks. The second is from dutch.dots, with a gorgeous cloud illustration in the centre of the spread. The third is from Brooke, with cute doodles of all things sweet and a pink colour theme. Click on the images for the full view.


Habit, Mood and Gratitude Spread Ideas

A Habit Tracker is the perfect way of monitoring small habits on a daily basis, and can be adapted to any goals or topics that you may have set yourself for the new year. I have set mine on a double page spread, using a page for each. For my Habit Tracker I have continued to focus on the Self Care theme – creating a grid for each that I can colour in at the end of each day. On the page next to it I have included a quote from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson:

The universe has a funny way of meeting you halfway when faith, optimism and hard work are the anchors…

I love this Habit Tracker design from Journal Away, using doodles and a calendar layout for each section.

Great February Bullet Journal Ideas Habit Tracker Journal Away

Here’s a simple, yet effective mood tracker from Nicole.josephinee, using heart shapes to represent each day.

Great February Bullet Journal Ideas Mood Tracker nicole.josephinee

I absolutely love this Intentions and Gratitude spread from Mindful_Hookup, which fits in perfectly with the self care theme. Find out more about Creating a Gratitude Journal that Works here!

Great February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas Gratitude and Intentions

Looking to keep track of your reading as part of your self care routine? I really like this Books to Read design from Jade_Journals, setting out the books on a shelf to fill in as you see fit.

Great February Bullet Journal Ideas Books to Read Spread Jade_Journals

Want to keep on track of your social media? Check out this simple (but beautifully designed) Instagram Schedule Tracker from Vorfreudes.

What about you guys? Do you use Bullet Journals? What are you favourite spreads to create?

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  1. Thank you so very much for this post. I am getting myself organized and back on track after hubby’s cancer surgery two weeks ago, although we felt calm about it, I find that my mental energy has gone towards his care and surgery and recovery. I am trying this week to get back into the swing of things and this post is helpful for me in so many ways. Hope you are well and the Bloke also. I think of you almost daily and say a quick prayer for you both for health and wellness. Thanks for being you! Cathi (DAF)

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