Seven Weeks in Lockdown

It’s been just nearly seven weeks since lockdown began, and I’m getting used to a slightly different way of living. Granted, compared to many people my daily life hasn’t changed that much – I’ve worked from home for the last 4 1/2 years and so I’m used to my own company and being self-motivated enough to stay productive – but I have to regularly remind myself that I can’t just hop out to the local shops for things I need, visit a friend or organise a date night somewhere fun in the city.

However, if these are the only things I have to worry about then I count The Bloke and I incredibly fortunate. Our families and friends are healthy, our jobs are consistent, we have food in the cupboards and the bills are paid, and we have taken to expressing daily gratitude for this to each other in conversations should one of us feel a little low.

In an effort to remain positive, I have started to keep a log of everything that I see and do during the lockdown period – TV programmes I have watched, food places I have ordered from, things that have made me smile online, quotes that I find – anything and everything that has made my day better has been added to a specific Bullet Journal spread that will serve as a memory if and when things start to go back to some sort of normal, whatever the new normal may be. Considering I’ve pretty much stayed indoors for nearly seven weeks, I’ve actually done more than I thought.

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate on the Whistle While You Work podcast with entrepreneur, businesswoman and author, Sheryl Miller and Emma Howard (check out the podacst on Spotify here), in which we talked about social media during lockdown – it was one of the most fun conversations I’ve had in ages! I’ve been participating in my fitness classes via Zoom (although not as often as I would like), did a really fun Zoom quiz and have indulged in the absolutely glorious weather by walking in the woods a few times a week.

I need to have the TV on in the background while I’m working in order to concentrate (sounds a little strange, but the silence is too loud) and so I’ve smashed my way through various series and films that I have wanted to watch but not had the time. I binged the entire nine seasons of The Office US in about 3 weeks (which I can’t believe that I’ve waited for 15 years to watch and now I love John Krasinski even more), Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Tiger King (who hasn’t) and I’m currently awaiting the next episodes of Ru Paul, The Last Dance, Grey’s Anatomy and the final season of Modern Family. I’ve been highly entertained by Tom Hardy reading the bedtime story on CBeebies for the last week and The Bloke and I have started one of my 40 Before 40 tasks but watching all of the Marvel Universe films in order. We’re currently up to Thor.

It has been amazing to see how many people have turned to creativity and fundraising in an effort to make the loves of others better – baking, crafting, art, music, dance – Instagram has be a plethora of inspiring people and projects. Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts for the NHS (£30 million and counting) has been a daily source of pride, I’ve developed an obsession with Hamilton after seeing the original Broadway cast perform via Zoom on John Krasinski’s SGN YouTube channel and The Bloke and I have loved seeing how popular Nat’s What I Reckon has become recently (The Bloke has been a huge fan for a while).

I’ve tried to support local businesses over the lockdown too, and so have ordered some fantastic meals from one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Birmingham – Chung Ying – and treated The Bloke and I to some truly incredible cupcakes from From Kimmie’s Kitchen yesterday. Seriously, the nicest cupcakes I’ve ever had. (Cake image courtesy of From Kimmie’s Kitchen – I couldn’t do them justice).

Like many, I have taken a long look at the material possessions that I own and decided that I need to get of a lot of it… again. For May my challenge focuses on simplicity, completing one task a day to make life a little less cluttered. For tips on how to make life more simple, visit my How to Live a More Simple Life post here.

As for now, we continue to take life day by day, remaining thankful.

What about you guys? What have you been doing during lockdown?

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34 thoughts on “Seven Weeks in Lockdown

  1. I’ve bingewatched a few things, read lots, been writing, started my calligraphy course, cooked more than usual…
    But I’ve also been in and out of school. And getting my own two to make sure they’re accessing their online learning, as well as dealing with Big Child too who is working from home… 😝😝😝

  2. These cupcakes though 🤩
    I am blogging my quarantine diary. Seems like this is what we writers do – we write it all down 😊

  3. Ha! I’ve been watching the Marvel films too, in chronological order, not release order.

    I’m including Into the Spider-Verse, even though it’s not a part of it but I don’t care, it’s awesome…

    I’m doing one a day. I have one to go. Then I think I’ll be done with comic book films for a while.

    • Me too haha! I really wish there was a monster film where every scene was in chronological order! We’re doing them every few days days at the minute…

  4. there are so many wonderful things happening near and far, all in the midst of these very challenging times, and people never fail to amaze me.

  5. We have been is some sort of quarantine since the beginning of the year, first with hubby’s cancer surgery, and then with the Covid. Since I had done so much while hubby was healing I spent most of the time doing nothing, watching tv. We, too, did the Marvel movies in order, as well as the star wars movies, waiting to see the last one again… We love British shows, so we have depleted what we can see from there. And last week, after a very long time, I started to paint our master bedroom. The previous owners did terrible things to these walls, and although they look normal, they are awful to paint. So, the first three days I was prepping the walls, and I finally was able to paint them the color I have wanted for five years! Lilac. Doing the trim next. Our state is opening up, and honestly, I am a bit hesitant to get busy again, I have loved being in a little cocoon. Loved this post! Cathi (DAF)

  6. A great post…keeping track of the quarantine time is a great way to memorialize this unique time…my wife is actually producing her daily TV show from home! I have a remote project as well, but with a much more relaxed schedule, so I have taken to cooking a lot – not baking so much as who can eat that much bread? Hang in there, great to read that you are staying “safe and sane!”

  7. Sounds like you’ve been seriously busy and filling your days with a lot of productive things, brilliant, SO many people seem to be laying around doing virtually nothing but complaining, their days must be so long and boring. We are lucky enough to be able to walk for miles every day from our front door here on empty footpaths and bridleways and have set ourselves a whole bunch of lockdown challenges to make our days worthwhile and fun. Hope you’re keeping fit and healthy too?

    • Hi Jonno – yeah I agree. I think a lot of people are taking the opportunity to do all the jobs that they have put off for a while too! The walks sound lovely!

  8. I binged on Dexter, I liked it when it was on air, but never watched until the end. It was a bit disappointing. I also watched Rectify, which I also loved. Finally got to see how it ends. I hope Daniel finds peace & love (that wasn’t so evident in the last episode). I have written and scheduled blogs until September 13. I entered a writing competition & I am working on a novel. That’s about it, I guess.

    • September 13th!!! Now that’s being organised haha! I got to about Season 6 of Dexter and then got a bit bored with it so I might just watch the final season and see how it ends!

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