Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Suzie Speaks

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May seems to have come round so fast! I decided that my theme for this month is focused on the idea of simplicity – it has been rather overwhelming in recent times and I have become much more conscious on self-care and getting rid of things that are unnecessary. I have reduced my usual number of spreads and made them much more simple to match, creating vases with flowers, books and plants and accenting certain areas with a pale grey Tombow Dual Brush Pen. My main inspiration was taken from a YouTube May ‘Plan With Me’ tutorial by Christine My Linh from 2018 – I loved the simple drawings and layout.

Looking for a notebook? I already bought a set of Bullet Journals last year, but I have heard numerous great things about the A5 Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter. I have created my spreads using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the SAKURA PIGMA Micron Fineliner Pens.

In case you missed them, here are my Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for April, Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for February, and my Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for January.

Cover Page

A cover page is often used to set the tone and theme for the month. For my own Cover page I have just created some simple drawings of some of the objects around the house and coloured some of it in with a pale grey Tombow pen.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Cover Page Suzie Speaks

Looking for brighter colours? I love this green collage cover page idea by b.bulletjournal, this orange butterfly cover page by thejournalink and this bright citrus cover page from dutch_dots. Click on the images for the full size.

Want more muted tones? This collage cover spread using pale pastels by Planning Memories is absolutely gorgeous.

Great Bullet Journal Spreads for May Planning Memories

Monthly and Weekly Spread Ideas

I have seen fewer of the linear diary plans this month. I haven’t included one in my own Bullet Journal, mainly because there isn’t many dates that need to be filled in. Instead, I have gone straight to my favourite Monthly Spread layout, using a calendar form. I have included the same types of drawings as my Cover Page to make it more interesting, and added a grey highlight.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Monthly Calendar Suzie Speaks

I love these monthly and weekly spread ideas. Let’s Plan with Mimi has created individual boxes on a beautiful single page spread with a notes section. Kelly | Bullet Journal and Art has a coffee shop theme for the month, and has doodled a coffee shop counter next to her simple weekly column spread. Journal with Kate is from the Netherlands, and to celebrate 75 years of independence she has included the word ‘freedom’ in her monthly calendar spread. Click on the images to see the full size.

This is a really beautiful double-page sunflower weekly spread by Martha’s Journal from May 2019.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Weekly Spread Martha's Journal

City skyline weekly spread ideas also work really well. Mochi Moon Studio has created a bright and colourful skyline for their weekly spread, while Journal with Kate created a gorgeous Paris skyline in her May 2019 Bullet Journal. Click on the images for the full size.

Quote Page

This month I took the quote that Christine My Linh used in her YouTube tutorial. It is from William Golding:

The greatest ideas are the simplest.

Instead of making the quote the feature, I have put it under drawings of vases, plants and books.I really like how this turned out – this is something that I will be doing again. Click on the images for the full size.

I really like this Grease inspired quote page from LisenLettering,

Habit Tracker and Daily Idea for Simplicity

I haven’t done a Habit Tracker this month in which I work towards lots of different things. Instead, I Have created a linear list in which I write down a single task to make like a little more simple that I will fill out every day. To give myself some ideas, I have created a page of ideas to declutter and minimise, which I have done using different fonts and highlighted using the same pale grey Tombow pen. Need more inspiration? Visit here for some ideas of things to remove from your home and life.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Daily Tasks and Simplicity Ideas Suzie Speaks

I have seen some fantastic Habit and Mood trackers from the Bullet Journal community. Letters By Niks has put a mood and habit tracker on a single page, with a calendar layout in the centre and single boxes down the side with a colour code. Veronica has created a habit tracker in a calendar form, and I really love the colour pallette. Martha’s Journal created a beautiful sunflower habit and mood tracker double-page spread for May 2019 that I also really wanted to include.

Other Spread Ideas

Looking for other spread ideas for May? Handletteringspiration has created a stunning Sport Tracker, recording goals and dates.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Sport Tracker handletteringspiration

Want to store food and drinks recipe ideas? Kelly has created a cafe menu spread with some of the drinks that she has been making.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Recipes WithKX

Letters By Niks created a Brain Dump spread as a place to write down ideas. I love the use of brown paper with the butterfly doodles over the top.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Brain Dump Letters by Niks

Planning Memories created a beautiful Travel double-paged spread, with the quote ‘I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met,‘ with a list of cities that they love the most.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Travel Planning Memories

Naomi Journals has created a collage spread to match her peach theme for May.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May Collage Naomi Journals


Want more ideas? For a list of over 200 Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas, visit here.

What about you guys? Do you use Bullet Journals? What are you favourite spreads to create?

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