Introducing the July Daily Gratitude Challenge

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough – Oprah Winfrey

In times of struggle, it can often be difficult not to become permanently focused on the negative, and this year is certainly one of the most challenging periods in living memory. In a era of great change, the online world has become an even bigger cesspool of animosity and hatred.

Daily Gratitude

We all have those days when things seemingly go from bad to worse, but when reflecting we all have things to be grateful for every day, however small they may be. In an effort to inject a little positivity, I decided to set myself a Daily Gratitude Challenge for the entire month of July, and I am inviting everyone else to join in. I try to be as mindful as possible by taking the time to be grateful for the people around me, the lifestyle that I lead and the positive things that have happened in my day when filling out a Daily Gratitude Journal in my Bullet Journal. I find this enormously helpful when it feels like the world is imploding.

This Daily Gratitude Challenge is designed to be more in-depth. Instead of a sentence or two, each day will focus on things to be grateful for, with the act of writing becoming a larger part of my self-care routine. And with a sizeable following on Suzie Speaks, I am encouraging anyone and everyone to do the same.

How the Daily Gratitude Challenge Works

Each day will cover a different topic. I have set out a calendar of daily topics in the image below, which I will personally follow in order.

Daily Gratitude Challenge Infographic NEW

Day 1: What small things have made the day a good one?
Day 2: What about you makes you special?
Day 3: What moments and memories are you grateful for?
Day 4: What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Day 5: Who are you most grateful for?
Day 6: What challenge are you most grateful for overcoming?
Day 7: What travel experiences have had an impact on your life?
Day 8: What books are you most grateful to have read?
Day 9: What are you looking forward to?
Day 10: What traditions and events are you grateful for?
Day 11: What are you grateful for at this moment?
Day 12: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
Day 13: What is a luxury you’re grateful for?
Day 14: What songs or pieces of music are you grateful for?
Day 15: What elements of your job are you most grateful for?
Day 16: What hobbies and interests are you grateful for?
Day 17: What are things that make you smile?
Day 18: What food brings you joy?
Day 19: What make your home… home?
Day 20: What risks are you grateful for taking?
Day 21: What are your favourite affirmations?
Day 22: What lessons learned are you most grateful for?
Day 23: What makes you feel safe?
Day 24: What random acts of kindness are you grateful for?
Day 25: How do you show your gratitude to help others?
Day 26: What movie are you most grateful for?
Day 27: What place make you happiest?
Day 28: What is something in your life that you didn’t have last year?
Day 29: What aspirations and goals do you have?
Day 30: What are you most grateful for this month?
Day 31: What are you most grateful for this year?

How You Can Participate

There are lots of ways in which you can participate in the Daily Gratitude Challenge:

  • Write a blog post on the topic of the day and share your post in the comment section of my daily post.
  • Share your posts in my daily link-ups on my Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #DailyGratitudeChallenge.
  • Share your images for the topic of the day on Instagram, tag my Instagram account and use the hashtag #DailyGratitudeChallenge and I will share them on my Instagram stories.
  • Join my Pinterest Group Board and share your Daily Gratitude posts.

The challenge is open to anyone to join in at any point.

  • You don’t have to participate every day.
  • You don’t have to participate on the actual day itself to write about a topic in the list – if you choose to write about something on Day 18 that was the focus on Day 1, you can still share your posts.
  • You don’t have to do a blog post – you can participate just on Instagram with your favourite images.

The Rules

Use it as an opportunity to meet other people within the blogging community – like a daily blog party!

Please don’t use the challenge as an opportunity to attack anyone else from any community.

Keep it to Gratitude posts only. Any random posts will be deleted.

Be aware that I have my comments set in a way which means that I have to approve them before they are seen on the blog, mainly to avoid spam and trolls. If your posts don’t appear immediately, or your posts and comments are negative and therefore aren’t approved at all, please don’t send me passive aggressive emails.

Here’s to a positive month! See you tomorrow! 

Want to mindfully record your gratitude each day? Why not set up a daily Gratitude Journal? Find out more on how to set up an effective Gratitude Journal here.

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48 thoughts on “Introducing the July Daily Gratitude Challenge

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  2. I love this so much. I have been struggling to dig myself out of the sinkhole, and woke up this morning determined to have a different mindset/focus on the positive – and voila! – your challenge appears in my feed. As Albert Einstein said, “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I look forward to seeing everybody’s responses. Thank you

    • Hi Cher – lovely to hear from you! Oh definitely – it is the only way I have been able to stay sane! How are things with you? Happy Canada Day by the way!

      • Hi Suzie! Thank you, and lovely to hear from you too! Yes, I completely understand my dear! Things are pretty good, thanks! I really am tired of COVID and how out of hand it has become (especially in parts of the US.) Why thank you so much!

        How are you doing? Cher xo

      • It was looking quite good as far as flattening the curve; however, once things started to open (in small amounts, but still….) the numbers began to increase again. *sigh* Apparently Americans are not allowed to travel to Europe at this time (I’m not sure if that includes every country or not). We have 143,000 cases in Illinois, and out of that number 52,000 are in Chicago. How about for you guys?

      • Haha! One of the times you don’t want to be number one isn’t it! People where I love generally are going about their days as if it’s over so not much in the way of masks or distancing really. What about you?

      • That’s for sure!! Haha!! Are they? Well over here it is a mixed bag I’d say. Some people are mulling about, while others (including yours truly) are still at status quo; masks, hand washing, six feet apart. I think Chicago is doing much better than other places in the US with everything. But I must say this: common sense is not the most prevalent characteristic right now in a lot of locations around this country. 😉 xo

  3. Love your idea. I have just started writing for five minutes in the mornings which is already helping me cope with my anxiety. I had stopped writing while ‘locked in’ we are self-isolated and more fortunate than most and for that i am very grateful.

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