Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 2: What Makes You Special?

In an effort to inject some positivity into my daily mindset and the online world I have created a Daily Gratitude Challenge and I am inviting everyone to participate. If you have missed my introductory post that explains the challenge and maps out the daily post schedule, visit here.

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 2: What makes you special

Day 2 of the Daily Gratitude Challenge focuses on you. In a world where image is seemingly everything, it’s easy to forget to be not only kind to yourself, but to appreciate and be grateful for the qualities about yourself that you admire. We’re often taught that being positive about ourselves and confident in our own abilities equates to arrogance, but I am always reminded of an article I read on Facebook a long time ago in which a woman took the compliments that she regularly gave to others and started saying them to herself every morning. I found it to be rather an alien concept at the time and quite a revelation – I like to say nice things to my loved ones but rarely took the time to acknowledge or be grateful for anything positive about myself.

For Day 2 of the Daily Gratitude Challenge, think about what makes you special. What are the attributes and characteristics that you admire about yourself? This isn’t an opportunity to talk about your achievements as such, more of an in-depth look at who you are as a human being.

Personal Gratitude

Dai;y Gratitude Challenge Day 2: What Makes You Special 1

I’m grateful for my health. Considering how I have treated my body over the years, I’m grateful to be as healthy as I am.

I’m grateful that I am highly self-motivated, care about what I do and work hard. The job that I have is essentially self-created and means that if I don’t work, I can’t afford to live. I wake up and start work at ridiculous o’clock, and I try my best in every aspect of my working life. When a client has a sudden boost in stats, I’m as excited about it as they are!

I like to make others happy and surprise them with unexpected gestures. There’s a buzz to be found from a smile on someone’s face.

I’m grateful in that, while the number of friends I have is considerably less than a few years ago, the ones that I see and speak to regularly I have chosen wisely and have been in my life for years.

I’m fiercely independent and am happy in my own company. The Bloke and I are lucky in that we (when we aren’t in a global pandemic, a least) have a great time exploring new places and have been able to experience some amazing things. However, I also value the fact that I don’t rely on him (or anyone else) for anything and I like my own time to do what I want, when I want.

I’m strong enough to make good choices for what I want to do and achieve and how I want to live.

I’m grateful for my eyes, particularly when I have taken the time to accentuate them with make-up. The entire maternal side of the family has the exact same blue eyes, including my niece. We get lots of compliments about them.

I’m grateful for my creative side. I love the creative side of my personality – particularly in my writing, Bullet Journal and make-up obsessions. I can happily spend hours creating new Bullet Journal spreads, creating flat lays or watching YouTube tutorials.

I’m grateful for my sensitivity. While I have been told more than once that I am too sensitive and need to grow a thicker skin (usually to justify poor behaviour), I’m grateful that I am emotionally driven in my interactions with others. I would rather be sensitive than cold.

I’m grateful for the fact that I value memories over material items. I remember someone once saying that material possessions are things that are there for someone else to throw away when you die, and this is something that has stuck with me. There are very few possessions that I own that are irreplaceable, and I would much rather spend money on an experience than an object. Quality over quantity.

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