Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 31: Weekly Gratitude

In an effort to inject some positivity into my daily mindset and the online world I have created a Daily Gratitude Challenge and I am inviting everyone to participate. For the introductory post that explains the challenge and links to each of the Daily Gratitude Challenge posts, visit here.

Daily Gratitude Challenge Weekly Gratitude(1)

Day 31 of the Daily Gratitude Challenge is all about weekly gratitude. Perhaps the weekly gratitude should have been at the end of the first week, but his is something that I can adapt at a later date.

Things I Am Grateful For This Week

Daily Gratitude Challenge Weekly Gratitude

This week has been a positive one, primarily because I have been able to decide on a few things that had been bothering me over the weekend – I love a good resolution, and I’m grateful for the advice and understanding that I have received from others. As someone who overthinks every little scenario, I’m currently feeling a huge sense of relief.

I’m also grateful for the sunshine today – it is set to be a gloriously sunny day, and after what has seemed like a long period of dull and grey, it is nice to have woken up to a blue and cloudless sky. I’m very lucky to live near to a large and well-kept park, so I am looking forward to taking a stroll over lunchtime and spending a few minutes breathing in some fresh air.

And finally, I’m grateful that I have had the motivation to be able to achieve something that I set out to do. Blogging for 31 days consecutively felt like a brilliant idea, until I quickly realised that I would have to fit it around my working days which are often busy. The content I have put out is not something that I am completely happy with, but I have done it, and I’m proud of myself. The topic of Daily Gratitude has encouraged me to focus on every aspect of my life in a positive way during a time when things are at their worst for so many.


What about you guys? What have you been grateful for this week?

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