Thoughts of Birmingham

I was horrified to wake up this morning to the news of multiple stabbings in Birmingham last night. There is still very little information, but after a news conference it was announced that sadly one person have died and six more people have been injured, two of them critically. It appears to be an attack by a single person who selected his victims at random, with no information to suggest that it was in any way a terrorist attack, gang related or a hate crime – something that has been speculated because some of these attacks took place in the Gay Quarter of the city.

Unfortunately, this has become an excuse for many to promote racist agendas and narratives and use it as an opportunity to start making disparaging remarks about the people and the city itself.

I’ve had the privilege of living in Birmingham for nearly 20 years and consider myself an honorary Brummie. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to visit this amazing city, we are proud of our diverse and multicultural population and we boast a vibrant and colourful culture of food, art, theatre, music, retail, sport and history.

My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected, their families and friends and the emergency services who, as always, put their lives on the line.

Please ignore the scaremongering and remember to be kind.

15 thoughts on “Thoughts of Birmingham

  1. Oh, Suzie, it shocked the hell out of me, reading that, this morning.
    No matter where I live, I’ll always be Brummie, born and bred, and I love that place.
    Wish all is calm after this devastating incident. 💜🙏🏽

  2. Just further proof that if someone wants to kill others they will find a way. I agree that the human race is barbaric. We in the “western world” (Europe/Canada/USA) have had relative peace in our countries for several decades. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the norm for the rest of the world.

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