Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September

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It has been a little while since I did any posts about bullet journal spread ideas. That isn’t to say that I haven’t continued to use my journal – it forms an integral part of my day – but although the intention to create large posts was always there, I never quite managed to get round to it.

For September I decided to make more of an effort. This month almost feels like a fresh start – the new academic year begins, summer turns into autumn, the air starts to change and it’s the perfect point to start moving forwards with plans that have been put on hold for most of the year.

I decided to go for a simple black and white floral theme, taking inspiration from a September bullet journal cover page that I found by Life in a Black Journal and adding my own ideas into my various spread ideas. I suppose the flowers were a subconscious last attempt to hold onto the last of summer, but they are also simple to create and add that extra something to a spread.

To create these spreads I used my Sakura Pigma Micron – Pigment Fineliner Pens – my favourite as they don’t bleed through the pages. For the white pen I used my Sakura Gelly Roll Souffle White pen – after testing several out this is the most effective over black ink or pages.

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Cover Page

A cover page is often used to set the tone and theme for the month. My cover page for September consists of a large ‘S’ design with flowers and small leaves over the top.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Cover Page

I love these cover page spreads. The first is from Julianne Doodles, who has created a really cute bonsai tree theme. The second is a simple but beautiful olive theme from Papery Thoughts. The third is from Nyxarts, who has created a collage for the September cover page using muted colours. Click on the images for the full size.

I have reduced my Monthly Plan spread to half a page for September – my general schedule is still very reduced and using a whole page was a waste – so I decided to use the second half of the page as a place to write down blog post ideas for the month. I kept this simple, adding in a few of the same flower designs from the cover page – see the Quote page section for the design.

Monthly Spread Ideas

For my Monthly Spread I use a calendar layout across a double page that I use to write individual daily tasks. I use this specifically for individual work-based tasks and reminders, colouring in small boxes next to the tasks when I have completed them. This is my favourite of all the spreads – it’s an incredibly simple and easy layout to create, but looks really beautiful when each of the spaces are filled in by the end of the month. For my September Bullet Journal Monthly Spread I have created my usual monthly calendar layout, but I have reduced the grid size as my daily tasks are smaller over the month. In the middle I decided to add in a black panel which I drew a leaf pattern over the top in white pen, and added some decorative flowers and leaves.

I love these September bullet journal Monthly Spread ideas from the bullet journal community. The first is from The Journal Ink, who has kept the calendar layout to just a single page and decorated it with bright flowers. The second is from Veronica Journals, with coloured circles and small doodles and quotes over the top. The third is from Midnight Dream Reads, which is set out in the form of a vertical monthly log. Click on the images for the full size.

Weekly Spread Ideas

I haven’t included a weekly spread for my September bullet journal, but I have seen some beautiful designs from others. The first design is from Inprint,- I love the colour palette in contrast with the simple sketch of the fox in the bottom corner. The second is from Let’s Plan with Mimi, with each day in a simple computer screen box format. The third is from ReginaxxJournal – I love the use of brown paper, dutch door and space for current things to watch and listen to. Click on the images for the full size.

Habit Tracker

A Habit Tracker is the perfect way of monitoring small habits on a daily basis, and can be adapted to any goals or topics that you may have set yourself for the year. For my Habit Tracker I have done individual calendar grids that will allow me to colour in the boxes as I complete something.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Habit Tracker

The first one is from Alison.Bujo, who has done a grid format without drawing in the individual lines – time saving and pretty, especially with the light purple clouds in the background. The second is from Naomi Journals, with a linear grid design and symbols at the top to represent the tasks. The third is from StudyAstoria – I really like the colour palette and design and the individual calendar layout for each habit. Click on the images for the full size.

Quote Page

This month’s quote is a simple one: Fear is temporary, regret is forever. I continued the black and white flower theme in the bottom right corner for decoration. The design was inspired by Hayleys.Bujo on Instagram.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Monthly Plan

My favourite quote page this month is this one from Dutch_Dots – I love the colour palette, the moon and night sky design and the use of black and white pens to make the lettering stand out.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Quote Page Dutch Dots

Other September Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Additionally to my usual bullet journal spread ideas, I added a September Achievements spread to review at the end of the month. I find that it is easy to set goals and keep trackers, but it is rare that I stop and review exactly what I have achieved before moving onto something else, so this spread will make me be more mindful of this.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September September Achievements

Looking for some doodle ideas? I love this simple set of floral doodles from Handletteringspiration – really easy but effective!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Doodles Handletteringspiration

I love this Walking Playlist spread from Mochi Moon Studio, with small thumbnails of each track on the page.

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Walking Playlist Mochi Moon Studio

I love this Self Care Tracker from XMBujo with a calendar spread and a list of activities written underneath – perfect for Self Care September!

Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for September Self Care Tracker xmbujo

Want more ideas? For a list of over 200 Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas, visit here.

What about you guys? Do you use Bullet Journals? What are you favourite spreads to create?

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