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The atmosphere in the house has been difficult to adjust to. It has been a week since Poppy passed away and for the first time in seventeen years there hasn’t been a cat in the house to get under my feet, yell at me for breakfast or test out the acoustics of the bathroom by singing their favourite songs at 3.00am. I have found it difficult not to walk up and down the stairs in a certain way to accommodate a feline zooming past me, or to open a door slowly just in case their was a cat sitting behind it, and for the first few days the sight of an empty kitty bed made me break down in tears. My lovely neighbour works with an animal sanctuary and so she very kindly agreed to pass all of Poppy’s things on so that they can go to help another animal in need, which has made me feel a little better.

It’s the first day of October and I realised this morning that we are in the final quarter of the year. Seemingly overnight it has turned from summer to autumn outside – the air is colder, the leaves are turning and for the first time in months I’ve had the urge to pull out a blanket and put the heating on. This is one of my favourite times of year – it is still light enough to enjoy the evenings but cold enough to enjoy comfort food and cosy weekend afternoons.

The changes have also seemed to have prompted a change in my mindset. There has been so much sadness this year, I am determined that the next few months are going to be positive, even in the smallest of ways. We might be in confusing and contradictory circumstances, but there are always lots of things to be grateful for…

What about you guys? What are your plans for autumn?

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25 thoughts on “Autumn Thoughts

    • My lovely neighbour very kindly took all of Poppy’s things to take to a shelter, so I’m pleased that they will be going to help another cat in need. I don’t think my heart could take another one at the minute.

  1. “What about you guys? What are your plans for autumn?”

    My plans hinge on two dates, November 3, 2020, and early winter on January 20, 2021. It’s sort of like waiting to see if the sun will rise or not. Until those two dates, I’m sort of holding my mental breath and wishing a lot.

    In the U.S. the presidential election is November 3rd, 2020. If Trump loses by a massive landslide, then the sun will come out but clouds will obscure it until January 20th, 2021 when he is gone from the White House.

    Once Trump is no longer president, even if his army of racist, fascist militants start a civil war in an attempt to keep him in power, then the sky will clear and we will have sunny days again. If the US is going to have a Civil War one way or the other, I vote for Trump as the president of the Red States that pledge their loyalty to the Emperor of Lies TrumpEekThinlySkin, with Biden as President of the Blue states.

    But, if the Civil War Trump wants fizzles and evaporates soon after he loses the election on November 3rd, the sun will come out in all of its glory and for most American’s it will feel like someone lifted a ton of caustic cement off of our backs.

  2. Hello, I just found your blog.
    I’m sorry to hear about your cat 😔 It must be empty without him. My cat may be frustrating at times but she’s still lovely and life without her would be strange.
    It’s a good thing to make the last few months something positive. I’ll try to do the same. 2020 has mostly been awful and the Covid situation in Europe is getting bad again. It’s difficult to be positive and I’ve gone back to the strategy I had in the spring, to switch off news other than what is absolutely necessary, and totally focus on inspiring things. I have quite a few creative projects I’m working on, and online courses that will help me create a new career.

    • Hi Susanne – nice to meet you! The house still feels a bit strange without him but weirdly less so since I got his ashes back. The covid situation is currently at its worst here in the UK which is worrying, and I know what you mean about it difficult trying to be positive. What creative project have you been working on?

      • It’s getting really bad here too 😔😵 My heart really sank when I read the news yesterday.
        I have a few different projects! I’m learning to play bluegrass guitar, now following an online workshop. I’m also doing courses on Udemy to learn graphic design, UX/UI design and some related Adobe CC programs. I’m trying to change career but graphic design was never on my mind – until lockdown came and courses were cheap, I purchased one to learn the basics of Adobe Indesign (I had been using it for years, learning by trial and error), that course made me realise how much I love working with it, how much graphic design appeals to me and how much potential Adobe CC has! Then I purchased some courses to learn design theory and more and that’s what I’m doing now. Plus some web design for my blogs and other web related stuff that I’m learning..

  3. I am always amazed (nope. not amazed. Irritated? Pissed off?) when people say “oh, it’s just a ___ – go get another one? Could you imagine the backlash if we said that to the mother of a two-legged child? Our furbabies come into our lives and steal our hearts – and when they leave, a piece of our heart goes with them. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m heartless now. Sending love and light your way.

    • I think you’re either an animal person or you’re not. I’ve never had a child so can’t possibly compare, but I’ve taken them to the vets and stayed up all night with them when they were ill, played with them, laughed and cried because of them, worried about them, arranged sitters for them when I’m away… they’re family.

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