A Christmas Evening with Moonpig

Moonpig Christmas Event

Last week I had the opportunity to join the team from Moonpig and a whole bunch of bloggers for an fun evening of Christmas cards, flowers and cocktails with the Moonpig Virtual Event.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom this year, but not for a blogging event before. It had been a rather exciting week – I had received lots of different goodies from Moonpig in preparation and it was something I had been looking forward to. Let’s face it – after the year we’ve all had, an evening of Christmas cheer was very much needed!

The three-hour virtual evening was split into three sections: the Moonpig app with Jasper, Flower Arranging with Roxanne, and Cocktail Making with Conor.

Using the Moonpig App

I’ve never used an app to create cards before – usually rushing to the store at the last minute and grabbing a few packs while tussling with the crowds. However, with over 10,000 cards and filters available on the Moonpig app, this is a brilliant resource that not only allows for the opportunity to personalise Christmas cards to your favourite people but also (as I discovered), helps you to stay organised. In an environment where we are all staying at home as often as possible, this is a particularly helpful (and easy) way to send cards and gifts to loved ones in a safe environment.

Jasper from Moonpig walked us through the numerous feaures of the app including:

  • A quick link feature that takes you directly to Christmas cards,
  • Instant access to your own photos to create personalised photo cards, which are exclusive to the Moonpig app and can be uploaded directly from your phone,
  • Message templates for inspiration,
  • An AR view which allows you to see what a card looks like in different sizes (iOS only),
  • The option to save names and addresses in advance,
  • The ability to set reminders and import your calendar from your iPhone,
  • Scheduling deliveries in advance for when you want them to arrive and adding a ‘Don’t open until Christmas’ message,
  • Additional recommendations for stocking-fillers and gifts that are easy to add to your purchases,

One of my favourite things was a feature that is currently only available on iOS – the ability to upload handwritten messages directly onto a card. Simply write your message on a piece of paper, take a picture and this is then scanned and the background is removed – a great idea to get the children involved and adding that extra wow-factor to your card.

I loved it – it’s convenient, easy, fun to use and has lots of different elements that can make each card personal and unique. Download the Moonpig app here.

Want to get a 20% discount on your Moonpig cards? Download the app and use my discount code: APP20CA. Please note, the discount is only possible via the app.

Creating a Christmas Centrepiece

Flowers have always been strongly connected with Christmas, and especially at this time of year and with our current situation, sending something as simple as a Christmas bouquet can be enough to change someone’s day for the better. Roxanne from Moonpig treated us to a flower arranging class: creating an incredible Christmas centrepiece using seasonal flowers. I had been gifted an absolutely glorious bunch of flowers in the post the day before from Moonpig in preparation which arrived in an enormous pink box.

This was not only relaxing, but was incredibly satisfying to see the centrepiece come together, soaking the oasis and building it up from the outside in (cutting the stems at angles) with pistache, skimmia and thistles, adding in focal flowers – in this case roses – and then adding asparagus leaf that had been painted rose gold, eucalyptus and wax flowers. As someone who is so bad at gardening that I was once told that I was watering plants in the wrong way, I surprised myself – just look how pretty this is!

Want to send flowers to someone special? Moonpig has lots of red flower bouquets or choosefrom festive favourites like mistletoe and holly, all available with UK next day delivery. rom festive favourites like mistletoe and holly, all available with UK next day delivery.from festive favourites – all available with UK next-day delivery, starting from just £22.00. Find the selection here.

*Note – more flowers selections will be added in the coming weeks.

Cocktail Making

There’s nothing better than being presented with an enormous box of cocktail-making equipment and ingredients, and this was particularly exciting: alcohol and mixers, syrups, fruit and mint, shakers… all I needed to add was the ice. The Bloke decided to get his photography skills going – click on the images for the full size!

Cocktail making has always seemed enormously complicated, and my previous attempts to make cocktails in my own home hasn’t exactly turned out the way I expected. However, the cocktail masterclass was fabulous. Conor from Mix & Twist, complete with a rather festive look, took us through a selection of cocktails using the Belvedere Vodka available to purchase on the Moonpig site. We made three vodka-based cocktails:

Vodka Garden: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, 25ml lime juice, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml elderflower soda, 1-inch chopped cucumber and 6-8 mint leaves. This was my favourite – with the mint it had lots of similarities to my beloved mojitos – and it was incredibly easy to make. I loved it, I drank it and now I have plans to make more.

Kiwi Collins: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml lemon juice, half a kiwi fruit (peeled) and a soda top. I made it, I loved it, I also drank it.

Gingerbread Espresso Martini: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, 60ml Espresso and 15ml Gingerbread syrup. This was easy to make in terms of putting the ingredients together, but what I discovered was that the trick to making a good Espresso Martini with a foamy top was all in the shake – something that I didn’t quite master. It tasted nice, unfortunately it looks rather like muddy water that I had got from outside…

It was probably a good idea that the cocktails were made towards the end of the event or the flower arranging may have gone a little differently, but it was a really fun (and unique) way to spend the evening.

Thanks for the invite, Moonpig! I had a blast!

Disclaimer: I was gifted all of the items by Moonpig, but was under no obligation to provide a positive review of the app or either session.

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