Chrimbo Limbo

It’s that point between Christmas and New Year where many of us feel like we are in Chrimbo Limbo. Christmas is over but it’s not quite time to take down the decorations yet (although I do know a few people who have), and there are still a few days until the new year. I’ve seen quite a few social media memes about not knowing what time of day it is or what is happening, and I can relate. 

For the first time in almost a year I took a period of annual leave that was more than just a few days. After working so hard for such a long time and experiencing high levels of stress over the last few months I found it disorienting and difficult to relax at first – even when I was in my jammies and watching Christmas films I felt a little agitated, like I should be doing something and it took a few days to be able to get into the it’s ok to have a rest mindset. I think I needed to decompress. It has made me think about the importance of regularly taking some time for myself next year – the mental state that I was in before Christmas wasn’t an entirely healthy one and despite the fact that I enjoy my job, I need to start setting some very clear boundaries when it comes to workload and client demands and expectations. 

Christmas was lovely. Everything was last-minute, but The Bloke and I decorated the living room to such an extent that it looked like the Christmas elves had a party and threw up everywhere. We rang our families (including a FaceTime with my sister’s pug who was looking less than impressed with his reindeer outfit), opened our presents, had a French toast breakfast followed by a truly epic dinner (even I was impressed with myself), followed by an amazing charcuterie / crudités platter, saw the Queen’s speech, watched Christmas movies including Last Christmas (for which I immediately guessed the plot – it must be all those Nicholas Sparks films I’ve seen over the years), curled up under a duvet and had a nap, and just enjoyed the day. Eating, sleeping and movies – I couldn’t have asked for any better. 

Over the last few days I have been able to sit back and enjoy doing my own thing, particularly writing blog posts and posting pictures of my food on my social media, because that’s what social media is for, right? The Bloke has also pottered about the house and done some food photography just for fun – check out his mince pie photo above! I’ve also set up my new Bullet Journal for 2022 (if you want ideas for setting up a bullet journal in the new year check out my blog post here) mapped out some goals and plans, taken some long hot baths, been for leisurely walks (and saw a killer sunrise) and just enjoyed some me time, simply because I can. Yes, there are lots of things I could be doing around the house, but quite frankly I can’t be bothered. I know that I will have to hit the ground running when 2022 begins, so I’m taking the free time now to hit the reset button. And how lucky I am in that I am in the position to do so.

Additionally, I was saddened to hear of the passing of blogger Mary Smith on Christmas Day. I met Mary at the Bloggers Bash a few years ago and she was a really nice person, and a great writer. Another reminder that life is short. RIP Mary – my condolences to her family and many friends.

What about you guys? Did you have a nice Christmas? Are you in Chrimbo Limbo? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Chrimbo Limbo

  1. This really is limbo time. I never can decide whether to book annual leave for the whole period or not. Its nice to be off but then going to work breaks up the nothing that today is. When I’m in work, I want to be off and vice versa. Cannot win!

    • Thanks, Bob – I totally agree! The Bloke has found the same thing – he booked the entire Christmas off and then spent the first few days feeling a bit lost as he didn’t know what to do! Happy New Year!

  2. We had a nice Christmas day with our new granddaughter. Watched Happy Potter, had French toast for breakfast, and a lovely steak dinner. Such a loss between Mary and Sue! I am thankful that Stuart reposts her blogs.
    Happy New Year – one with more highs than lows!

  3. Your Christmas sounds lovely! And the me time. Poor doggy does not look happy and the mince pies look wonderful.Sorry to hear about Mary! Sending Happy New Year wishes your way!

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