Playing Catch-Up… Again

I started February with the best of intentions. I had just completed a No Spend Challenge over January and was feeling a massive sense of achievement, so set myself a whole series of goals over February. One of them was to blog at least twice a week… and now it’s March and to say I failed spectacularly would be an understatement. 

However, despite the storms and constant rain, February was fast-paced and pretty exciting at times with lots of both short and long-term unexpected opportunities. 

Ever heard the analogy about waiting for a bus for ages and then three all arrive at once? 

That pretty much represents the last four weeks. I often find that social media management happens in waves, with new enquiries all seeming to appear at the same time. What has been unusual is that February – normally one of my quietest months of the year – has been my busiest ever. 

The only negative side of my job is that, particularly in times when awful events are happening around the world, is that it is difficult to be able to switch off as being on social media platforms is a large part of my day. With videos of footballers abusing their family pets, the cost of living increase in EVERYTHING, local businesses being forced to close and, more recently, the heartbreaking scenes as current events have unfolded across Eastern Europe, there have been some challenging days where everything has seemed rather overwhelming. I’ve had to focus more than usual on looking after my mental health, taking a step back where I can and trying to organise a few different things in my personal life to get a bit of a break. 

My mum came to stay for a few days. I don’t get to see her that often – the last time being at the beginning of December when I took her to the Christmas in Narnia event at Castle Howard in York. I still needed to work, but this was perfect in that she needed to rest (she was so tired when she arrived), so she relaxed, watched TV and slept while I smashed through my checklist for the day. I did still have a few things planned,  we borrowed my friend’s dog and went for a lengthy walk in the local park on a gloriously sunny day (her dog passed away a few years ago and she misses the companionship), I took her to her favourite deli in Birmingham, Anderson and Hill (I introduced her to it when she visited last year  and she has been raving about it ever since), and we went to the press night of School of Rock at the Alexandra Theatre, which was brilliant. 

Two years after booking the tickets and it being postponed twice because of covid, The Bloke and I were finally able to watch Joe Lycett on stage. The show began as a fundraising opportunity following the unveiling of Joe’s kitchen extension (for any non UK people reading this with a level of bemusement, read the story here) and he had invited comedy guests Lloyd Griffith and Lindsey Santoro, with a surprise headline appearance from Guz Khan. Hilarious – when your stomach hurts from the intensity of your laughter, you know it has been a good night. 

March already looks set to be super busy, but in a hugely positive way. I’m looking forward to it!

How have you guys been? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. We’ve been mostly grumbling about gray days and rain. Have not gotten out much because of the still-existing Covid restrictions with masks, even at sporting events!

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