It’s Oh So Quiet

Yesterday was a little strange. Not that it was bad in any way, but it took me a while to settle in. 

I’m currently dog-sitting at my friend’s house. It isn’t the first time I have done this, so I was already familiar with the area and the dog’s routine and we immediately got back into it. Admittedly, I was feeling a bit tired as her barking had woken me up at 1am when the neighbours returned home, and then again at 2am when she vomited on the floor. (While I miss having the cats, I don’t miss waking up to the sound of retching in the early hours of the morning). We walked, had breakfast, I did some work while she snoozed, we walked again etc. It was a fairly relaxed and peaceful day with glorious weather…

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I suddenly realised yesterday evening just how quiet it was. 

I live in a terraced house near a beautiful park, the walls are paper thin and the noise just never ends. Screaming kids, teenagers on their way to the skate park, cars that pull up outside and sit there with the engine running and music blasting, constant food and package deliveries, building works, hedges being trimmed, more screaming kids… 

I’m much more sensitive to noise than I used to be. The Bloke and I had a horrendous experience where we lived next door to what I can only describe as chaos, and it became so bad that we both started experiencing panic attacks at the thought of going home. Complaining to the tenants, their landlord and the council for over a year did nothing, so we eventually had to move. It was a shame as our landlord was lovely, the house was nice and the rent was reasonable, but we couldn’t take it any longer.

Even after all this time, prolonged and repetitive noise from outside still has the ability to make me feel anxious, so I have to have the TV on most of the time while I’m working to drown it out. It sounds contradictory, but when I’m in control of the noise around me, like what film or series I watch, it seems to help.

Here, however, is currently almost deathly silent. I was expecting something similar to last time where the neighbours on both sides had monster parties and BBQ’s because it was the end of summer, but so far (aside from the dog spontaneously yelling at a random leaf blowing past the window every so often) nothing. No screaming kids, no builders, no deliveries… just bird song and the odd sigh from the dog as she changes her sleeping position.

Lovely. Long may it continue! 

Are you sensitive to sound and repetitive noises? Let me know in the comments below! 

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12 thoughts on “It’s Oh So Quiet

  1. Oh, Suzie! Noise is such a THING. We usually have a fan on at night to block out the night noises, which is sad to do, but otherwise we’d get no sleep! Just a short bit away is a hill on a major road (for the country). Every person with a huge truck guns their engines and races up and down that hill, for what seems like most of the night. Probably it’s mostly when I’m trying to go to sleep. And even though we live in the “country” (as much as one can in our valley) it’s pretty crowded. Livestock alone! EEK. Who knew turkeys were so loud?

    Enjoy the peace and quiet! I understand about controlling the noise (our fan). Maybe that’s why we love the ocean so much. It drowns out all the other sounds.

    • Thanks, Angie! We have that too – we live near quite a big road and all the boy racers drive as fast as they can late at night when there is no traffic. I love the sound of the ocean too!

  2. The constant noise would eventually make me angry, Suzie. I love peace and quiet. The house two doors down from my house is sadly a rental which means they don’t respect the HOA rules much. I’ve called the HOA a few times on the previous tenants, let’s see how long they last before I make the call!

  3. We have much more traffic noise, even at night, in our new place than at our old home. It drives me nuts!
    But at least during the day, because the community is now completely built, we don’t have all the banging and nailing and trucks we used to have. Early morning is still the best!

  4. Yes, I hate random noise. We live on a road that, over the past 20 years, has become terribly busy with heavy lorries. It is driving me mad. I look forward to my weekly, hour-long silent sit with the Quakers in a village nearby. Bliss.

    • That would really annoy me too! I remember that in my first year at Uni I lived in halls next to a main road and just couldn’t get used to the traffic noise!

  5. Hi, Suzie! It’s so lovely to see you! I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience such crazy noise ‘pollution.’ I’m super sensitive to noises, and I’m told I can ‘hear around corners and down the hall.’ Suffice it to say, I love calm and quiet, but it doesn’t always happen living in Chicago! I hope you and the bloke are doing well, my dear! Cher xoxoxo

  6. Hi Suzie,
    A belated Happy Easter. I have some sensory issues which my violin playing was keeping in check to some extent. I have barely played for the last two years and what with lockdowns and months and my neurological system is very out of whack. Noise can be a problem for me but crowded places and traffic is worst and makes a lot of sense after the last two years.
    Has lockdown affected you in this way at all?
    I’m now trying to get out for a daily walk.
    Best wishes,

    • And to you, Rowena! Lovely to hear from you! I must admit I haven’t played the violin in about 7 years so it’s not something I would notice, but i’m sorry it has affected you like that!

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