Christmas Burnout

Usually in the build up to Christmas I post at least something about getting ready for the festive season, what I plan to watch and comments about our wonky tree (that is now so ancient I’ve started to refer to it as ‘Old Faithful’). 

This year, however, I was whacked by all the flu and cold germs flying around and my body semi-shut down and went NOPE for several weeks. I know exactly where it came from too – in early December a woman who had a raging cold sat next to me on a train when I went up north to visit my mum and for the entirety of the trip she was coughing and spluttering and wiping her nose on her sleeve. I started to feel ill about four days later. Nice. 

Combined with the fact that I had been caught in multiple downpours and the freezing temperatures that hit the UK, I also think that I was burnt out. The last few months in particular have been ridiculously busy and I haven’t been great at taking care of myself. In a way, it felt like the universe was stepping in and telling me to rest. 

And rest I did. I slept and slept to the point where The Bloke started to get a little concerned about the fact that I just couldn’t stay awake. Everything ached, my skin was sore, I lost my voice, my appetite completely disappeared and I had a cold that was so bad my face completely swelled up. Over the space of several weeks I had to develop a pattern of sleeping, doing a bit of work and then sleeping some more. That’s the only negative thing about working for yourself – you can’t ring in sick or get someone else to cover for you.

Consequently, three days before Christmas nothing was done. I had asked The Bloke to wait until I was feeling better so we could put the tree and decorations up together, but I hadn’t expected to be quite as ill as I was for so long. Thankfully, I recovered enough to go food shopping and help to decorate everything, but it was too late to send cards or meet up with friends for our usual pre-Christmas drinks. 

Thankfully, Christmas itself was lovely. Since we got married five years ago The Bloke and I stay at home instead of travelling up north and we have created our own traditions. On Christmas Eve we had our annual viewing of A Muppets Christmas Carol, I made a mini-buffet of antipasti and lots of cheese (you can never have too much cheese at Christmas), we went for a walk and then we fell asleep under a large duvet on the sofa during Die Hard in the evening. On Christmas Day I put on my Bambi pyjamas that mum had bought me, we opened our presents by the tree (I was spoilt rotten as always), I made an enormous Christmas dinner, we watched Elf and the King’s first speech (it still feels strange saying ‘The King’ instead of ‘The Queen’) and finished the evening with Bridget Jones’s Diary. It was cosy and quiet and exactly what I think we both needed. 

And in a flash, it’s all finished. I have taken the next few days off so I intend to continue to rest and recover, watch some of my favourite films and start making plans for what I want to achieve in the new year. I always find this time of year quite exciting – there’s a feeling of endless possibilities and hope, and I get to set up my new bullet journal. I love starting a brand new notebook – I’ve been using a journal every day for years and I’m still not bored of it. 

It’s a little belated, but I hope you all had a very peaceful Christmas!