Press Review: Death Drop: Back in The Habit

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Unapologetically and deliciously camp with riotous laughs and razor-sharp wit!

Following three sold-out West End runs and a smash hit UK tour, Death Drop is back in an all new mystery!

The Sound of Music meets Scary Movie in this jam-packed, riotous comedy. Death Drop is the hilarious thriller which pays homage to all your favourite horror films – from IT to Scream and everything in-between.

After the glowing success of the original play (read the full review here), the team behind Death Drop return to Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre where the audience has been invited to pay a visit to the holy Convent of St. Babs…

Back in the Habit tells the story of Father Alfie Romeo in search of the infamous ring of St. Babs, leading him to a convent where he encounters a group of very unconventional nuns. However, the Father’s unexpected presence at St. Babs begins to trigger unnatural happenings at the convent, threatening the Sisters’ sacred way of life.

The show boasts an all-star cast, featuring a number of Ru Paul’s Drag Race queens led by the brilliant Victoria Scone as Mother Superior, with Cheryl Hole, Kitty Scott-Claus and Jujubee as fellow sisters at the convent of St. Babs. Back in the Habit also stars LoUis CYfer, the first ever drag king to snatch the crown at DRAG IDOL UK, as Father Alfie Romeo. Rounding out the cast are Corrina Buchan, Ophelia Love and Alex Roberts.

The drag comedy plays out almost like an adult pantomime, full of all the sexual innuendo and adult humour that you would expect. This isn’t your ‘typical’ drag show though, and we are treated to a blend of supernatural horror, whodunit? mystery and irreverent comedy. The script is packed full of pop culture references (including many winks and nods for Drag Race fans to spot), and is all to comfortable not taking itself at all seriously. The minimal set and production is frequently cheekily referenced, as the cast have to come up with creative ways to walk along corridors or down stairs that don’t exist, explaining that the production didn’t have the budget for a travelator.

The highlight is without a doubt its cast of talented performers. The intentionally minimal set allows for the focus to always be on the performances as the cast gleefully bring Robert Evans’s viciously funny script to life. The cast are clearly having a ball with this show, dialling up their scenery chewing performances to 11 and throwing in ad-libs, improvisations and fourth-wall breaks left, right and centre.

Death Drop: Back in the Habit is incredibly self-aware and everyone involved is absolutely in on the joke, allowing for some truly brilliant moments of raucous comedy. It is unapologetically and deliciously camp, and the sheer fun and audaciousness of the show completely makes up for the lack of real cohesive plot (as if that was ever what you were coming for in this show…).

If you’re a fan of drag then please treat yourself and go and see this show, you won’t regret it. Back in the Habit provides a night full of riotous laughs, razor-sharp wit, and the rudest of jokes, where nothing is out of bounds…

Death Drop: Back in the Habit is playing at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 18th March. Purchase your tickets here!


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