#BloggerBlackmail: It’s Not About the Macarons!

imageMy Twitter feed lit up this afternoon with hundreds of bloggers jumping in to offer their opinions on the #bloggerblackmail trending hashtag. It began with a post from Anges de Sucre, an award winning sweet shop in London who recounted a negative experience with a blogger, who had appeared to demand £100 worth of treats in return for a positive review. When this wasn’t given, the blogger posted several negative reviews across her social media accounts, insulting the macarons in particular.

Initially, the fact that an argument about free macarons was trending seemed a little silly to me. I’ve eaten many in my time – some have been wonderful, some have tasted like sawdust (no, I’m not explaining how I know this), and some have been so expensive that I’ve almost cried and had to consider taking out a small loan in order to pay for them. However, a macaron is a macaron. Continue reading