How to Use Facebook Groups to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to use Facebook groups to increase your blog traffic

Facebook groups are a brilliant source of information, community and traffic. They differ in purpose and each have different rules, but essentially they can all be used for the same things: to meet new bloggers, ask questions to the community and to promote your posts.

As with many things in the blogging world – it took me a long time to discover the power of blogging focused Facebook groups. I joined one, run by a close blog friend when it had just a few hundred members last year and a very small targeted sharing group, but didn’t actively participate in either. My Facebook traffic was low at the time – I’d had a post go viral with 100,000 views in my first year of blogging, but since that point I averaged between 5-20 views a day, depending on whether I published to my blog Facebook page. Continue reading

Big Up Your Blog – My Facebook Group Launch!

I’ve been looking forward to today…

I am officially launching my Facebook page – BIG UP YOUR BLOG – and anyone who who has a blog is welcome to join!

As with many things, I only realised the power of Facebook groups a few months ago. I’d been a member of one or two for about a year, only really participating in one, and then after some inspiration I joined a few more, and then a few more, and BOOM! My connections increased massively. I’m still only in less than ten, but I decided to start my own as I have found that there are a number of groups that prevent bloggers from sharing their own links and social media accounts with each other, which almost defeats the idea of being in a group to begin with.

However, instead of it being a constant free-for-all, which usually only attracts link droppers and no interaction, I have decided to set out a weekly schedule that will help to target blog interaction and social media growth. For now, I have kept it small and simple. Continue reading

12 Reasons Why You Should Give Me Some Facebook Love…

Why you should give me some Facebook love

A little while ago, I realised that my Facebook page was in need of some love. I started to build it up, and gained a little success with drawing new viewers to my blog by sharing my posts. However, I’ve found that it has been completely neglected recently and needs a new breath of life…

It’s always quite embarrassing when trying to promote ourselves. As bloggers, lots (NOT ALL, but lots) of us want our ramblings to be read, shared, commented on, and as my views have increased I have had to resist shouting it from the rooftops when I have written a post that I am proud of. However, there is no point in being coy about this: this is blatant self promotion.

Here is the link to my page:

Still not interested?

1. It’s a great way to catch up on some of the posts that you may have missed. I also find it easier and quicker to communicate with non-WordPress bloggers there…

Need more reasons?

2. I don’t post Instagramed pictures of everything that I eat.

3. I don’t indulge in sharing too much information. You won’t hear about it when I go to the toilet. Unless something really exciting has happened when I’ve been in there.

Don’t forget…

4. I don’t post cryptic messages that are clearly meant for someone without actually writing their name.

5. While I am in a long term relationship, you won’t be subjected to constant pictures of me and The Bloke. Unless The Bloke is doing something stupid. Then I’ll tell you all about it.

6. I don’t believe myself to be a sporting pundit, and don’t post constant quotes about the performance of different teams.

7. I don’t post pictures like this:

Who creates this nonsense?

Who creates this nonsense?

8. You won’t receive any Candy Crush requests from me.


9. I won’t litter the page with pictures of me relaxing on a beach and drinking a cold beverage when I’m on holiday, just to remind you that you’re still at home in the cold… much. Ok, I’ve done that once in two years. But it was a lovely beach.

10. I do have a reasonable pop culture knowledge and a sense of reality, so won’t get Star Wars and Transformers mixed up in my posts or comments:

Oh dear...

Oh dear…

11. I don’t post up pictures of myself crying in a mirror to show that I’m not just upset, but I’m REALLY UPSET.

12. I like to share things that are intellectually stimulating. For example, did you know that the knots in my bedroom door look like Sid from Ice Age? Don’t believe me? You’ll have to visit my page to see!

Ok, admittedly, there are occasionally pictures of cats, but before you go running for the hills, they are pictures of MY cats, who are awesome. Clearly worth your time. There are also posts about music, life, love, beauty, friendship, family, teaching, parenting and mental health. It’s all Suzie, all of the time!

To give my page some much needed attention, here is the link again. Looking forward to seeing you there!

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog, and don’t forget to hop on over to my Pinterest page and my Instagram page