Guest Post: Ben’s Bitter Blog

toucan punI never had a sense of humor growing up. Well, I did, but it was never really realized until college. As fun as high school was, college is where I met my real friends. My real friends taught me how to meet, talk to, ask out and kiss girls. They taught me how to study, how to party, and how to laugh.  But most of all, they taught me that I had a sense of humor. I was educated in razor sharp wit. I was taught how to tell a funny story, how to make a good comeback and how to be witty. I got so good at having a witty comeback for everything, that when I went home for Christmas, my parents said, “Wow, college has taught you to be so mean!” Continue reading

Guest Post: Edwina’s Episodes!


What a thrill it is for me to be here at the lovely Suzie’s blog. I am beyond delighted that I was one of the lucky winners of her birthday competition, and that I get to write a guest post!

I was trying to think of something that would illustrate my blog but also fit in with Suzie’s, and then I had an idea, why not write a poem about Suzie herself? As some of you many know, I am fond of writing a poem or ten! I thought about a limerick, something like…

There was a young lady named Suzie

Who spent the day in a Jacuzzi

Whilst there at the spa

She took off her bra

Now everyone thinks she’s a floozy!


Hmmm, that is fun but a bit short so I have come up with this instead… Continue reading

Guest Post: Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride!

susie lindau's head on fly

I’m a fly on the wall at Suzie’s place today.

First of all, we have the best names in the world, right? Thanks so much for allowing me to invade your personal space. I am very excited to be here.

When I won Suzie’s guest post opportunity it was as if she handed me a microphone and pointed me in the direction of a podium. I imagined myself on stage, blinded by footlights while the audience remained in shadow. A few coughs would let me know they had come to be entertained, but what the heck would I say up there on my soapbox? I’m more of a casual, sit on the couch and have a conversation, kind of girl. So I’m relaxing on her overstuffed chintz sofa today.

By the way, Suzie has very nice digs. Roomy, great views, stocked fridge… I might stick around for a while. Ah! She left me a pot of tea. I’ll add some ice and lemonade and make myself a very American, Arnold Palmer. Oh! Shortbread cookies. Yum. Continue reading