Autumn Thoughts

The atmosphere in the house has been difficult to adjust to. It has been a week since Poppy passed away and for the first time in seventeen years there hasn’t been a cat in the house to get under my feet, yell at me for breakfast or test out the acoustics of the bathroom by singing their favourite songs at 3.00am. I have found it difficult not to walk up and down the stairs in a certain way to accommodate a feline zooming past me, or to open a door slowly just in case their was a cat sitting behind it, and for the first few days the sight of an empty kitty bed made me break down in tears. My lovely neighbour works with an animal sanctuary and so she very kindly agreed to pass all of Poppy’s things on so that they can go to help another animal in need, which has made me feel a little better. Continue reading

One in Autumn

It’s cold and miserable here at the minute, so I was quite pleased to see that the subject of the Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘One,’ as it gave me an opportunity to share some of my favourite photographs from a few months ago, when the weather was a little warmer.


A bench in the local park.


A gazebo in the same park




A tree, just as the leaves were turning…