A Freshly Pressed Thor-some Evening! (Groan)

Yesterday evening The Bloke and I decided to go and watch the new Thor film at the cinema. I’m a huge fan of the Marvel films (Avengers Assemble is possibly the best action/fantasy film ever made) and if I’m being totally honest, I was quite looking forward to the prospect of drooling at a shirtless Chris Hemsworth (and appreciating his dramatic talents of course!!).

I wasn’t disappointed, the film was fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that I had to stop myself from standing up in the middle of the main fight sequences and yelling ‘YEAH’ at the top of my voice. It was also nice to see Christopher Eccleston, a talented British actor, playing the role of the bad guy Malaki, which he did extremely well. Unfortunately, the language that was spoken by Malaki was a little amusing – it somewhat reminded me of the ‘Jabba Wookie Nipple – Pinchy‘ quote from Family Guy’s ‘Blue Harvest,’ so that made me giggle. I’m not going to give a detailed film review at the risk of giving away any spoilers, but these are the facts you should know if you are planning to see it: Continue reading

Seven Reasons Why Today Has Been A Thoroughly Awesome (If Somewhat Unusual) Day

1. My school is putting on a production next week. As part of the set HALF A CAR was delivered. Our theatre is on the first floor, so I witnessed a large group of my colleagues hoist this car up the most inconvenient staircase possible. I love testosterone and I’m quite lucky in that I work with quite a few attractive men, so there was something quite sexy about watching this battle take place. They did it eventually, and I’m sure they absolutely appreciated me taking photographs and playing the ‘Rocky’ theme tune in the background…
2. I received a tax rebate. It isn’t for a massive amount, but enough to pay for my hotel this Friday because…

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