The Letter From Santa: Sonia Boal

Looking for a new story to read with the kids? I always love a good Christmas story, and this year Sonia from Losing the Plot has an exciting new children’s book out, ready for the festive season:

The Letter From Santa

Santa is in his workshop at the North Pole, when suddenly he discovers a leak. 

In a land of ice and snow, this seem a bit odd. 

He and his chief Elf and Safety Rep (Jingles) go “up top” to investigate. 

But when they get onto the roof they discover something shocking that could spell the end of Christmas for everyone. Continue reading

Keepers is Here!

In my naivety I thought that publishing a novel was a reasonably straightforward process – write, edit, publish, done – but following my blog friend Sacha Black’s journey as she was writing her first fantasy book made me realise just how wrong I was.

And now, KEEPERS IS FINALLY HERE and I am so excited to read it!

Here’s the blurb…

Eden’s life is balanced… until her soul is bound to her enemy. Continue reading

Friday 13th, a Makeover and a Book Launch

I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly superstitious, but I wasn’t looking forward to yesterday – I had a day of supply, which is the first one since the beginning of October, and with it being Friday 13th I was anticipating that it was going to be a challenging day. My prediction seemed to be coming true when I woke up as we had some snowfall overnight, which was just enough to cause an inconvenience when getting to work…

A kitty feeling very sorry for himself

A kitty feeling very sorry for himself

Up until yesterday it had been a fairly calm week, aside from Poppy – my cat – who caused me to have two trips to the vets in a single day. He had a small lump under his jaw and after losing another of my cats to cancer, where the tumour was under her jaw, I wasn’t taking any chances. This was how it went:

Took cat to the vets
Vet wasn’t concerned about lump, but took the opportunity to give him his vaccination booster injection
Cat got upset and wouldn’t keep still
Took cat home
Cat started shivering and appeared to have a reaction to the injection
Rushed cat back to the vet
Cat suddenly perfectly fine at the vets
Took cat home Continue reading

Book Launch: Blog Party at Luccia Gray’s Tomorrow!


Book Launch Blog Party!

Many of you in the WordPress community will know the lovely Luccia Gray, and if you don’t then tomorrow will be a brilliant opportunity to hop on over and say hello!

In celebration of her second novel – Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall – Luccia is hosting a blog party that is promising to be of epic proportions tomorrow. And if that wasn’t enough, you are all invited to a Facebook Party too where there will be fun, games and prizes to be won!

For those of you who haven’t been to a blog party before, the idea is simple – copy the URL of a favourite recent post and leave it in the comment section of the hosts party post. When others leave theirs, go and read, comment, follow and enjoy! It’s a brilliant way to meet new people and boost your traffic!

The blog party will be going on all day, and the Facebook party will take place for TWO HOURS only, at 6pm UK time and 7pm Spain time. For the US: 10:00 am – PST / 11:00 am – MST / 12:00 noon – CST / 1:00 pm – EST

Those of you who have or are in the process of writing a novel will know the amount of work that goes into it, so get your favourite posts ready, put on your best ensemble, grab a drink and go and visit Luccia tomorrow! And while you’re there, check out her brand new novel!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!