Brain Freeze and Post Recycling


I haven’t had much opportunity to be able to post much over the last few weeks and so I took the chance to revisit articles from the last year. After twenty months of blogging and hundreds of posts I have reached a point where I am running out of ideas and was hoping to find inspiration in my old stuff.

I have done this at various points throughout the year and this has often resulted in the deletion of numerous posts that I didn’t feel were quite up to scratch, particularly as my following has grown and my writing style has developed. However, this time I found quite a few that hadn’t been viewed as much as some of my more recent ramblings, and so I have decided to edit them and share them again throughout the week. It has given me a chance to tidy up the blog and it’s content.

What about you guys? Do you look back on your previous articles and cringe, or do you want to share them again?

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Brain Freeze and The Urge To Write


This time in an evening is usually the point when I get an enormous urge to write. I have returned from work, changed my clothes, tied my hair up and put on a fluffy pair of socks and am settled on the couch with my hunger pains satisfied. I usually have some form of school work to do, which will be ongoing, but for an hour or so I like to get out my computer and read through some posts while I decide on my theme for the evening. The urge that presents itself is a strong one, almost compelling, and the satisfaction of pressing the ‘publish’ button provides an instant gratification, particularly when I am able to read some of your comments later on.

However, tonight was slightly different. I returned home late after watching a Drama performance and after I changed into my jammies I routinely sat down to release my brain from the frustrations of the day.

Zip. Zilch. Zero.

I’ve been staring at my screen for twenty minutes and I’ve got nothing. The urge is there, but my mind is blank. I’ve read through other posts, checked out Freshly Pressed, had a look at what is trending on Twitter… I’ve even looked at my friends Facebook status’s for inspiration, and while I’ve enjoyed reading everything, a theme isn’t jumping out of the screen and smacking me in the face like it usually does. It’s not like I haven’t got any ideas, I’m just not feeling satisfied with any of them… Incidentally, the irony of writing about not being able to write about anything has not been lost on me.

What about you? Do you ever suffer from cases of ‘blank screens and brain mush?’ If you have any ideas or themes, I’d love to hear them!

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog